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File: ah my dick.jpg (1.20 MB, 1680x1050)
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This is the biggest cock block ever created. Manga has gone for 25+ years already and MC still hasn't fucked or done pretty much anything with Belldandy or anyone else.

Fujishima is the biggest troll I know.
Funny enough, this sentence applies to countless manga.
>MC still hasn't fucked or done pretty much anything with Belldandy or anyone else
To be fair, it's not really his fault.
Didn't Morisato get mentally castrated by God or something? Sucks to be him.
He has soulfucked her, that counts.
>check the ovas because page says MC is voiced my Megumi Ogata
>She only voices him as a child

Fuck this series
To be fair, despite having human forms, they are some kind of eldritch abominations.
Also keeps the purity of their species.
I killed a cat on that day since life is unfair and all.
Twenty five years
All dem goddess, prime breeding material.
File: 1361504803241.jpg (784.06 KB, 2900x1840)
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784.06 KB JPG
Urd > Hild > Peorth > Marla > Rinda > Belldandy > Gan-chan > Skuld.
You forgot grown up Skuld.
File: Megumi 01.jpg (60.63 KB, 536x684)
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60.63 KB JPG
Yea, okay, she's fairly hot, but only if she shuts up. I'd rather fuck her than Gan-chan though.
I also forgot motorclub whatsername-senpai and Megumi.

Urd > Hild > Peorth > Marla > Rinda > Motorclub-senpai > Belldandy > Megumi > adult Skuld > Gan-chan > Skuld.

One could argue if I should also include child-version Hild and Urd.
>Someone putting Mara that high
My nigger. She's my favourite character in AMG. Fujishima should draw her more though. She's absent way too often.
I want to fuck all of them, yes, even the little girl.
File: snapshot20110928210457.jpg (73.88 KB, 711x400)
73.88 KB
73.88 KB JPG
And these two.
Man, this show has so many hot women, but only that one dense MC (yes I know, heavenly neutering magic, but that still leaves him as dense MC for the bigger part of the show).
Imagine a 2x24 episode remake, where they have introduced every goddess or devil up to Hild by episode 8 and stuff actually happens.
And no Fujishima jerking off to the special chromed bolt of a 1976 Honda Motorcycle that won the race such-and-such.
>K1's divine castration is lifted
>Skuld goes wandering around the house and can't find her sisters or Peorth
>she discovers his door is locked and knocks on it
>she overhears a bunch of giggling and some gasps being stifled
Daddy gotta set the example and he is doing a good work.
File: TVseries25.jpg (138.09 KB, 640x480)
138.09 KB
138.09 KB JPG
Yeah, Marla is the exactly right mixture of enemy/threat and failure to keep it interesting, plus she's hot with her, how do you call it, "gritty voice".

Fulldemon Urd was also pretty hot.
Urd is one of those characters who is that universe's definition of pure sex.
File: 19599.jpg (74.05 KB, 888x480)
74.05 KB
74.05 KB JPG
Or Marrler. Whatever her real name is.
File: 1374777801897.jpg (1.31 MB, 2560x1600)
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1.31 MB JPG
Oh yeah, I had a huge crush on her, when I was young, back then in the late 90s. Must've been 15 or so. It was one of the first anime I've watched subbed and buying the VHSs box just for the boxart and then the DVD.
The author put in something to explain why nothing has happened much for the time that he's been writing it, and you don't like it. Big deal.

If you want to explicitly blame something, you can probably blame the movie for having the gate and how Heaven kept species from interbreeding. He probably got the idea from that, or brainstormed it with them, and considering that he pinched the three goddesses from the movie and put them in the manga, it wouldn't surprise me if he had done that for that explanation also.
For me, AMG was also one those first things I watched in 90's. I honestly should resume reading it though. Lost interest at least two years ago, because "plot" didn't go nowhere. And there wasn't enough Mara.

I still love Mara and I've never had a waifu. M-maybe something happens between us two, if I start reading it again.
File: vhs.jpg (423.06 KB, 1280x718)
423.06 KB
423.06 KB JPG
Yeah, I bought all the mangas up to volume 35 or so. Recently picked it up on batoto and read a few more, but stopped then for no special reason. Still wanna keep reading it though.
File: Oh! My Goddess 30.jpg (128.52 KB, 800x1020)
128.52 KB
128.52 KB JPG
AMG is one of the well made harems though. Tons of girls around MC and connected to him, but not all of them want his dick. In fact, not even the main love interest seems to want his happyroll all the time.
Wasn't he prevented from having sexual urges due to goddess magic or someshit
>one of the few
Are we ever getting season 3?
As much as I would love one I find it unlikely at best.
File: 164315465.jpg (135.39 KB, 819x389)
135.39 KB
135.39 KB JPG
I liked the dub. Especially Urds voice.
File: snap3.jpg (246.26 KB, 801x600)
246.26 KB
246.26 KB JPG
Yeah, also they'd need to step the game with the tv seasons. As much as I really like the characters and the world, the tv shows seemed kinda slow and little bit boring.
I'd also like to have another season of being small is convenient.
They were literally the second anime I ever watched, so I love them to death even if it is a little nostalgia glasses.

But yes, they could be better.
I still liked them, every little bit more of animated Urd was better than nothing at all.

I wish more harems would focus on older characters. Ai Yori Aoshi was also excellent, until they introduced too many bad girls.
File: cap_094.jpg (87.49 KB, 704x396)
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