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So this was Kick Ass then Power Rangers and now it's Watchmen?
If that's accurate, then I'll need to pick this back up OP
I haven't seen Watchman so I dunno.
It was fun for the first few episodes and now it's trash.
I saw that image too, OP. How original!
Now superheroes are banned, Masayoshi is wanted by the government and there's an American superhero called MISTER JUSTICE.
So they stole the plot of Tiger and Bunny?
The plot will probably change next week so it doesn't matter
Its just Samurai Flamenco. I think its excellent. I just dont have a clue whats going to happen next in it. The craziest thing is that somebody wrote this from beginning to end. Its almost like the guys who wrote it locked themselves in a room for 72 hours and then drank only coffee and wrote the whole story.

Spoiler warning.

>Okay so this guy wears a bicycle-helmet and wants to be a superhero
>he gets bullied by teenagers and its really funny!
>yeah, yeah but then he actually becomes a superhero!
>we gotta get the guy that he admired as a kid to become his teacher because thats fucking awesome
>so then after they kill the bad guy they find out he wasnt the baddest guy that there were even badder guys around
>WAIT! if theres one superhero theres got to be more!
>Yeah there could be loads of them!
>so the teacher was training other superheroes too and they form a group of superheroes!
>Okay but first things first! There needs to be a giant robot that these superheroes can transform into!
>that goes without saying
>so they beat up all the evil and thats great but then the actual badguy is the prime minister and the REAL evil corporation is the government

I just dont know where they went after that.
Stop posting.
>No more Flamen Robo ;__;
Im sure theyre going to build a new one thats going to be bigger and better.. well theyre all arrested and outlaws but Im sure they can do some A-team type of montage.

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