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>summer a few years ago
>summer inbetween high school and uni
>zero friends, knew i wouldn't make friends at uni
>nothing to do all summer
>started watching anime out of curiosity (death note, one piece)
>felt like my patheticness had reached its high point

Was this feeling justified? If you're above the age of 18, would you be embarrassed as fuck to let people know you watch anime? The only reason I'm restarting now is because I feel it could pander to pathetic people like me.

Also I noticed that tonnes of anime is based on manga. I'm a litizen, so I'm curious to know if the more patrician among you consider many of the mangas to be superior?
ur a fgt
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Mangoes are often superior, yes. It's not an infallible rule, but you can assume the source material is better than the adaption in most cases.

Also, nobody cares about your personal life, go blog somewhere else. We aren't your personal twitter followers, nor do we want to be.

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