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File: makoinheaven.jpg (62.02 KB, 813x387)
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62.02 KB JPG
Wow, the lyrics to this ED are actually a lot sadder than the music would suggest
File: 1381699823399.png (194.80 KB, 450x381)
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194.80 KB PNG
>tfw Ryuuko will die
Better her than Mako. Hopefully Satsuki and Ryuuko pull a Char and Amuro and leave all the actually entertaining characters alone
File: clemfeel.jpg (153.29 KB, 658x702)
153.29 KB
153.29 KB JPG
>Mako will either die
>Or Ryuuko will die, leaving Mako all alone
Mako is the primal life fiber. When Ryuuko kills it, she'll kill Mako
File: satsukey.jpg (64.97 KB, 1280x720)
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64.97 KB JPG
So who is more retarded?

Ryuuko "N-no Senketsu isn't a weapon... he's my friend!" Matoi, or Satsuki "Honnouji is totes capable of beating up mommy" Kiryuin
Trick question. It is you that is most retarded in this scenario.
Ryuuko is retarded in a benign way. I'm a bit baffled that Satsuki's grand plan is to use the Goku Uniforms - which clearly aren't capable of even standing up against Nui - to beat the entirely of Revocs.

Using your limited supply of life fibers to beat the source of life fibers is completely retarded.

Then again, this is the country that thought it could beat the manufacturing might of the United States in World War Two...
Ryuuko is reactionary.
Satsuki has been planning this for YEARS.

Satsuki is totes dumber.
So, let's settle this once for all
was it rape?
Yeah, that tends to be a thing in anime.
File: laughing sunrise.jpg (98.54 KB, 624x478)
98.54 KB
98.54 KB JPG
>Devas got new uniforms
>They're going to get wrecked by Ragyou anyways
The only quest is... how wrecked? Because given the way life fibers work, it's completely possible that Ragyou just activates a killswitch in all the goku uniforms and beats them without having to life a finger
File: le jobber face.jpg (107.33 KB, 1280x720)
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107.33 KB JPG
Hey, I'm all for Satsuki getting wrecked. It'd be great if someone like Sanageyama betrayed her, though
File: sports.png (166.10 KB, 472x340)
166.10 KB
166.10 KB PNG
He'll have to team up with Ryuuko during the sports festival.
File: 1276347790162.jpg (220.08 KB, 439x470)
220.08 KB
220.08 KB JPG
>Ryuuko dies
>she isn't really dead but everyone thinks she is
>Mako goes full silent rage
>transforms with her 3 Star Uniform
>Gamagoori: Mankanshoku. I cannot allow you to step any further
>she easily shoves him away
>It's fucking go time
File: momo.jpg (19.74 KB, 384x288)
19.74 KB
19.74 KB JPG
No, if he teams up with Ragyou they might actually have a shot, is the thing

>three star
Mako never needed a goku uniform in the first place.
What if mako kill ryuuko?
So who do you think this music is about?
File: satsuki.jpg (631.69 KB, 1200x833)
631.69 KB
631.69 KB JPG
When has Satsuki ever acted like she can go against her mom with no problems? She likely knows how little of a chance she stands, but is going to fight her hardest anyways. That's the kind of lady she is.
File: 1388618490890.jpg (166.09 KB, 600x793)
166.09 KB
166.09 KB JPG
I fully expect you to live up to the glory of best meguca, Satsuki.
File: despair.png (119.53 KB, 480x280)
119.53 KB
119.53 KB PNG
Nonon. It talks about knowing someone when she was "young, and immature."

It'll play as Nonon gets Satsuki to safety at the cost of her own life.
But Nonon is still young and just as immature
Don't pick battles you can't win. That's not a mark of a hero, it's the mark of an imbecile.
Hence why Satsuki hasn't done anything but nod and say, "Yes, mother."
Right, but if her plan is to rebel against Mommy at Honnouji it's retarded
File: stand together.png (827.09 KB, 760x842)
827.09 KB
827.09 KB PNG
>when we take flight we'll do so together.
>We'll make a stand.
>Ryuuko loses her way
>Mako dones Senketsu
>Just before the deciding battle Satsuki descends from the sky naked
>She is part of Nudist Beach
>Giant foot stomps everything
>The End?
We don't know what she does or doesn't plan, because poker face. That said,
>trying to prevent humanity from being preyed on and destroyed
File: 1383315406924.jpg (411.85 KB, 1348x1178)
411.85 KB
411.85 KB JPG
>we could be invincible
At this point Satsuki is the City Wok guy from South Park, scheming against her mom but doomed to failure
Satsuki couldn't be set up for more of a downfall than if she was Hitler
Mako is a Stand that lives autonomicaly.
On her own? Yes.
She's set up for the anti-hero downfall where they take all of the responsibility, fail, and then make a comeback as a good guy.

9.5/10, only because Berserko's head should be coming out of Senketsu's eye.
File: 1389673346920.png (708.49 KB, 1280x720)
708.49 KB
708.49 KB PNG
File: satsuki17.jpg (88.43 KB, 644x1076)
88.43 KB
88.43 KB JPG
She wouldn't start a rebellion without proper forethought, but even if there was no chance of success, Satsuki would probably choose to go down fighting rather than submit.
This seems like a good thread to post this in. Here's an audio rip I did of the new OP and ED to listen to until the official tracks are released (320kbps mp3).

speedy sh/Nc49r/ED2.mp3
speedy sh/k89A3/OP2.mp3

By the way, can anyone recommend a good file upload site now that media fire requires registration?
Except last episode when her mother announced the festival she acted legitimately shocked. There's no way this is something she is planning; she's probably just going along with her mother for now.
I've heard torrent sites to share anime are in these days
I think one of them is called meow
I mean for individual files like this. I wouldn't upload something like this to nyaa.
But Ryuuko is right, Senketsu is HER friend. Shame she was actually projecting and using Senketsu as an excuse.
There are plenty of TV versions of OPs and EDs there
Yeah but this was a quick conversion rip in audacity that took me about 5 minutes. I'm just sharing it now for people too lazy to do it themselves.
Remember that the first ED ties into Ryuuko after the final episode

Remember that Ryuuko is all alone in her ED, just as Mako is all alone in hers
Everyone dies except Ryuuko

Wonderful, Ryuuko deserves to be miserable and alone
>Wonderful, Ryuuko deserves to be miserable and alone

Wouldn't you prefer that Ryuuko dies and everybody else lives?
No, she should live with her crimes, with the knowledge that everything is her fault. She fucked things up as Kinue and she'll fuck things up as Ryuuko.

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