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Who hype for this?
File: mi.jpg (525.64 KB, 1268x2000)
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525.64 KB JPG
MC, also the girl in OP pic.
>I become twintails
Prologue, machine translated, unedited.
MC basically twin tail maniac

I like twin tail.
The world beauty, In case of it is because there is twin tail, The think came to discretion for a long time from time at the time of which it was lucky.
The sun for me, It is not round in the sky ..the shine.., Because the hairstyle that reflects in view.
It, Though it is exaggerated if it is said all of us...... No, It is not exaggerated.
Anyway, Other approximatelies not substituted for anything, I like twin tail.
A twin tail, The hairstyle bound roughly speaking right and left.
The person with long hair is a well-matched Hu however, Even if short hair is brought together small, it is cute, The hairstyle who is simple and is the girl seem.
The variation includes many things, The unlimited potential is kept secret.
Even if the calling person is unknown that, Most people are seems, I guess,s that can be imagined in the head if explained.
In the however people general, The brand of childishness still is typical or characteristic of ..pushing...
It is very often precocious, seen, and an adolescent girl : wanting to, Minus point of childishness, Insecure
Translated using Atlas and google
Forgot the title...
Title : twin tail and I.

So we let go of one and all elements.
Twin tail also, would have been included in one of them unfortunately.
Because of it is chosen, and selection by process of growth
To proceed with an adult, the woman that twin tail look good is rare.
…… Therefore, a twin tail becomes far existence if growing up.
The good in it and it will do a normal.
However, I was different.
The more it grew old, the more growth actually felt that the more it did, the more meaningless admire or devotion or the …… obsession or such the one had strengthened.
You are looking for a twin tail unconsciously at a lot of people, and image editing software that is in my head, had led to a the action of high-performance stacking up layers of twin tail with one button unawares.
Although not bother because it is unconscious, twin tail accounts for most of the life.

[Well ......, guy if tails tails blast so far, seemed familiar friends also, it's suitable time to go hurriedly walked away remembering errands soon.]
[…… Be not suitable when the twin tail twin tail calling repeatedly, the fellow who seemed to be able to become it getting along well with also recalls business soon until the now, then and here if it does, and it leaves hurriedly. ]
It was always so.
Still, I do not have regret.
It is not taken advantage of that nervousness was felt.
The world that can like it : the one that likes it, Nice first ..
Popularity is just because bad, tastes of white worth up to falsify or change is, I feel that something different is going to do.
That's why, it is frustrating.
Even if you like so few twin tail, In me of a man. It is not possible to become a twin tail.
Now that I grow for many years between the hair though, it was tied off eventually, it's because not a twin tail.
It by have by me, Only the heart that likes a twin tail.
In a true meaning, A twin tail might not be able to be understood.
Therefore, It wished that the This heart only have to shape.
..trowing the This.. heart is a charge as for substance, When only having to appear to the presence.
That is, It surely becomes a twin tail the same as the ideal of hundred million.
Then, Very with a fantastic, like this seems, I guess,.
Always, It always dreamt.
That day, Until that happens to encounter to her
so is that a fucking trap in the OP or what? if so then no
File: ai.jpg (352.06 KB, 1316x2000)
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352.06 KB JPG
That's it for the prologue
MC running her mom shop and he will find twintail student president in chapter 1, this pic related.

No, he turn into a real girl
in vol 4 or 5 he can't turn back so he become a real girl
>beta MC turns into a cute ginger loli for fight

Holy yes.
>in vol 4 or 5
Uh... I don't think the anime will cover that volume.
>think it's gonna have a great DFC girl main girl
>turns out to be utterly wrong
I don't want to live anymore.
Dohoho, just wait until "she" gets her upgrade.
The adaptation will end up getting butchered like Kampfer.

And unless you have a hardcore twintails fetish, this anime won't be for you.
>That day, Until that happens to encounter to her
What a cliche.
Mitsuka Souji is a first year high school student who greatly loves the "twintails" hairstyle. One day a beautiful girl, Thuearle, who comes from another world, suddenly appears in front of him and gives him the power to transform into the twintails warrior TailRed. Now Souji, with the help of his childhood friend Tsube Aika who can become the twintails warrior TailBlue, must fight in order to protect the peace on earth.
Read more at http://myanimelist.net/forum/?topicid=707133#sEkFGVGWiywJQlVh.99
I think I heard like a week ago that he's no longer stuck in female form in volume 5.
That kind of thing is never permanent unless it's the premise of the whole thing.
That isn't the point. The point is the anime being made increases the chance of the manga being translated x100.
File: 1391048216788.jpg (9.06 KB, 246x232)
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9.06 KB JPG
Sorry, I just copypasta it from google.
File: 1374992947641.jpg (1.79 MB, 4805x2600)
1.79 MB
1.79 MB JPG
I'm hype for crazy action scenes. Do we know the studio yet?
File: 1390620904830.jpg (32.79 KB, 639x448)
32.79 KB
32.79 KB JPG
Dropped, just when my hope for permanent gender bender is up.
Don't think we've gotten any news since the announcement.
File: P 008-009.jpg (1.92 MB, 1512x2844)
1.92 MB
1.92 MB JPG
Just pray that DEEN doesn't get it.
Lot of LN adaptation of manga is just promotion for the LN.
>in vol 4 or 5 he can't turn back so he become a real girl
My fetish
What's wrong with DEEN?
File: 1390244360296.jpg (75.05 KB, 720x720)
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75.05 KB JPG
I don't think there is a manga. Though if the LNs are getting an anime, it seems possible there will also be a manga adaptation.
There is no manga though.
I highly doubt the LN will get translated just because of the anime either.
>MC turns into a badass loli-ish DFC twintail hero

Hyped and undroppable
Damn, I though I got my favorite.
>Read that loli manga in sadpanda
>Turn back again to a man if he lost hist panties
Off into the trash, here we go
>This LN
>He can't turn back into a man in vol 4
>Turn back into a man in vol 5
Off into the trash, here we go

MC is a girly man to begin with

>Tsukiyo no fromage
no update

>Idol pretender
so short

>Boku girl
suffering waiting for next chapter

Dem suffering.
Have you read BlazBlue Remix Heart? The MC becomes a girl permanently.

Also in Megu Miruku the MC can switch but rarely does and ends up choosing to be a girl.
>BlazBlue Remix Heart
I already read it, until latest chapter

>Megu Miruku
Well, miss one. I'll read it now.
File: 1359737979646.jpg (139.08 KB, 700x538)
139.08 KB
139.08 KB JPG
le epic meme is what

but they are a 'budget' studio, making shows with funds consisting of shoestring and some leather
>Megu Miruku
Turn into guy again after kissed
What a spaghetti
File: 1387203784868.jpg (969.63 KB, 2062x3000)
969.63 KB
969.63 KB JPG
>no translations
>anime when

hard to get hype yet
File: 14_04.png (293.71 KB, 896x1300)
293.71 KB
293.71 KB PNG
As I said, it rarely happens and the MC stays a girl in the end.
>>Idol pretender
Shit ending. MC stayed a girl but that dude won.
I love /u/ tear so much.
Don't you mean "Good ending"?
What will this twintails thing be, like Kashimashi or like Kampfer?
More like Kampfer. MC can switch forms (and does so to fight) and has a bunch of girls wanting the MC's D/V.
And then he and the girl that love him turned the MC's love interest into a loli.
I wouldn't watch this until Female form is fixed.
File: img000024.png (285.57 KB, 892x1300)
285.57 KB
285.57 KB PNG
The you won't be watching it since this will almost certainly be a one cour anime and it will never reach the 4th LN. If you're interested in genderbending you should probably watch it since one isn't spoiled for choice.
This. If you are going to genderbend, stay genderbent.
File: Trash bin.jpg (261.22 KB, 1200x1600)
261.22 KB
261.22 KB JPG
>More like Kampfer.
It will probably be better than Kampfer. Though that won't be difficult.
>Trash bin
That looks more like a can than a bin.
File: 001.jpg (2.37 MB, 4919x2600)
2.37 MB
2.37 MB JPG
File: P 005-007.jpg (2.61 MB, 3839x2027)
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2.61 MB JPG
How in the running is his female self?

Hell, are there any gender bending series which end in selfcest at all? No, Kampfer doesn't count.

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