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Does your college life is/was anyway similar to Golden Time?
No, my name is not as cool as TADA BANRI
File: 1381624080469.gif (2.39 MB, 812x509)
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2.39 MB GIF
>no sex goddesses in life
>no tea club trying to rape me
>no awesome bros epic adventures
>going to college

I'm not retard.
No. It was filled with normalfags whose only idea of fun was to get drunk every weekend and some week-nights. I'm all for getting drunk, but doing it every week? No thanks.
This crazy bisexual hippie slut tried to cheat on her Fiance with me during my freshman year in college.
You didn't go for that?
No ghost trying to shit on my life... Or maybe...
Yes, my subconscious sabotaged all my relationships.
Chinami is best girl and is saving this show. Fuck Koko.

I want a tea club like this tea club. I'd fuck the shit out the short shorts girl.
Well, she was also cheating on him with this other girl, and this other guy - and also she wanted to cheat on him with one of my female friends. But do to various circumstances, it all didn't quite work out. She also got married and dropped out.
Aside the ghost and the crazy bitch glued on my neck, yes, it wasn't very much different. In both the US where I didn't finish the course and now while I'm studying in Japan (I'm belgian). It seems like college life is the same thing everywhere.
I just went to class and when I wasn't in class I was smoking weed and playing hacky sack with friends who did the same. I went to the big parties but didn't ever have a very good time at them.
>smoking weed

I bet you committed you 4th murder also.
File: leaves.jpg (13.63 KB, 336x229)
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13.63 KB JPG

Fucking Ghost Tada Banri making me do stupid shit.
File: slut.jpg (68.07 KB, 1280x720)
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68.07 KB JPG
My college life wasn't fun like, but I had a friend with terrible relationship experiences (he got NTR'd twice during our college time), used to play PSP with a fujoshit during breaks, and even had a nice relationship with a "slightly" obsessive girl. The rest of my college life was about trying to get a job and avoiding being backstabbed by classmates.
Well, at least it was better than my current life.
File: STOP ENJOYING THINGS.jpg (74.14 KB, 1280x720)
74.14 KB
74.14 KB JPG
Fucking paranoid subconscious.
>it's a trap, she will laugh at you with her friends
>they are just being nice because it is polite, not because they want to be your friend
>nobody is your friend here, avoid this group at all costs
>they just want to use you because you are slightly smarter than them
No because college is for studying and learning.
>be socially awkward loser
>man up enough to talk to best girl (who is popular, outgoing, etc) in course
>best friends with her for the entire time
>watch anime and hentai together and play video games
>she died in an airplane crash 3 years ago

It was pretty anime
File: 2.jpg (70.24 KB, 705x476)
70.24 KB
70.24 KB JPG
>she died in an airplane crash 3 years ago
>watch anime and hentai together
This is so fucking anime it hurts. How are things now, /a/non-kun?
File: 1311393214342.png (40.68 KB, 224x208)
40.68 KB
40.68 KB PNG
Goddamn it that bad end is depressive.
>implying not all of your concerns it's true

From a guy that used to see hope in mankind I can attest that every single one of these concerns is valid and you're right in avoiding it.
true but not the whole truth
Well, I can't deny that. Most of my classmates were backstabbing faggots, but I was able to find some cool and unusually tolerant friends, so it is not entirely true.
File: 1354142151910.jpg (16.24 KB, 171x233)
16.24 KB
16.24 KB JPG
The very important point here is projecting those doubts on yourself.

>Do you try to create circumstances where another will be embarrassed and you/your friends will laugh to?
>Do you act nice, not because you want to be their friend but because its polite?
>Do you use people who seems to be more intellectual than you?
>Have you ever outcasted anyone for the integrity of your friend circle?

The answer should come from within spite of yourself not from external sources.

Postan because its better than blogging
File: alpha-as-fuck.png (179.96 KB, 1007x558)
179.96 KB
179.96 KB PNG
No ghost sightings so far
The ones that began a relationship are going strong
Closest thing I guess is 2D-kun being me but I'm not that open about my 2D
My college life sucked. I went to a top "party school" and I never went o a party or socialized with anyone. I never had any friends in college and now I work alone in my company's IT department.

At least nobody makes fun of you in college, so that's a good thing.
>No ghost

I'm perfectly fine with that.
>last year
>be in my room at 10pm studying
>get call from a friend from another university.
>I figure what the hell could happen
>20 minutes later we're in a hookah bar called "Prince"
>thankfully, the girls in the group want something more normal
>after 10 minutes of drifting around, we end up getting burgers from Five Guys
>suddenly, a bar fight breaks out between two "gentlemen"
>literally have to dodge flying cheeseburgers and ketchup packets while avoiding the three-four guys flipping chairs and tables at each other
>well that was fun
>soon end up heading back to the university
>friend convinces me to, while the guards aren't looking, climb with him onto the lap of the statue of the university's founder and take pictures
>we did
>we bail, say quick goodbyes
>5 minutes later, back in my dorm after having ditched the guards
>next morning I've been invited to join one of the university's fraternities because word of the statue thing got around

You stay in your room, it stays boring.

Go do something crazy.
>get up an hour early before classes so I can watch anime
>commute to class
>sit through hours of lectures
>go to lab/library and study
>go home and browse /a/, watch anime or play vidya
>go to bed and do it all over again the next day

very exciting stuff. How come in golden time they are all club stuff this and club stuff that, not worrying about exams or tests? They are all Law majors or something? Ya think they would have a intensive curriculum.
Nigga I don't even KNOW what an university fraternity IS.

It sounds like some kind of secret brotherhood with hidden doorways to it's HQ hidden through the campus.
>Go to college
>Most of the grills are ugly (3D, that is to say)
>No parties
>Go to boring classes
>Muddle my way through without any real effort
>3.4 3.4 3.4 3.4 B B B
>3D grills trying to talk to me all the time but they say the most boring things and ask me stupid questions like what I'm going to do after college or if I have a girlfriend
>Start e-mailing me
>Just want to be left alone

Never again.

There IS a secret society on my campus that meets in the tunnels under the main building. And one or two of the campus organizations are obvious fronts from them.

Most of what they do is blast on liberals and compare Brooks Brothers ties though.
>not nearly enough drunken board game playing
>they actually go to class
>and when they go to class, they wear real clothes instead of throwing on a hoodie over your pajamas and pedaling like the wind
Nah, it's nothing like my college experience.
File: 1363912934153.png (151.72 KB, 316x317)
151.72 KB
151.72 KB PNG
this post is just golden

On topic though, no. I never had a girlfriend during college and my class consisted entirely of guys.

I definitely had a good time though.
I spent more time in the arcade than going to lectures.
>You stay in your room, it stays boring.
>Go do something crazy.

Exactly. I'd also recommend a club or something if you aren't into frats. I met so many cool and weird people by leaving my door open while I was in my room.
File: Bang_gendo.jpg (42.95 KB, 720x540)
42.95 KB
42.95 KB JPG

There was a lot of drinking and gaming.

Was also involved in the World Student Association and all the martial arts and fencing clubs.

Outside of that much of college life was a blur due to all the drinking. If I could go back I would have joined the military before going so I wouldn't have any college debt.
When I drove, I never almost killed everyone.Being DD has its perks, specially when other people were cool with me driving their cars when I needed because they knew I wouldn't wreck em.

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