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/a/'s opinion?
First anime I ever watched. It's fuckawesome.
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Great. But it's pretty hard to find. At least I had trouble finding it since it was out of print.

I've finished up to volume 4 but the only thing slowing me down is trying to get a hold of them!

(volume 3 is especially hard to find, look around and see what I mean)
Among the best shit ever done.
I haven't read the manga, but I was surprised by how far ahead the animation was compared to it's time.
bit torrent is your friend here. it's what i did.

just use the slideshow in preview. works great.
I dunno, the animation in the movie was cool but the plot made fuckall sense. I didn't understand what the hell was going on until I read the manga. Only complaint I have about the manga is that Kaneda and Kei looked nearly exactly the same, especially in action shots. Everything else was awesome.
I loved the film, and still do. It's one of the things that got me into anime, many years ago. I bought the entire manga in one go, eventually, for about 140 quid, and I still consider that money well spent.
Everything is much better developed when the time constraints of a movie aren't in place. Various important characters from the books, for example, were reduced to background characters without lines. Akira himself isn't just organs in jars, and Kei's psychic potential is far better explored. I wish I had it with me so I could read it again, actually.

tl;dr, film is good, manga is better.
I love Akira. Got all the manga, the movie and the soundtrack. Just have to get the Akira Club next (it's basically an artbook).

The manga goes into more depth and detail, but the movie is still a kickass popcorn flick to watch every now and then.
I would never have the time to read the 2000 page manga.
Make the time, faggot.

I've seen these at Borders (if you don't know what that is, it's like Barnes & Nobles only perhaps a slightly smaller chain). I'm sure you can also easily get them on Amazon.

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