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In a series where the MC has more than one romantic interests, do you prefer if the winner is blatantly obvious from the start (or in extreme cases, the title) or every romantic interest has relatively equal chance to win the MC?

A examples: SHnY, ZnT, Oreimo
B examples: Monogatari, Yahari, School Rumble

I made a poll for your convenience:
Oreimo was obvious as fuck, come on.

She wins in the first season.
Did you misread the choices?
Blatantly obvious. I know the point of harems is to have all girls like the MC but I hate harems anyways. I like romance, and harems usually have very little of that.
The girl that appear on first volume cover will win no matter what.

Hate it.
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Not really.
Chances are I picked up a series in the first place because I liked the girl on the cover. If I like another girl or three more, then all the better. Trying to make the girl completely unpredictable is usually a waste of time.
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Harems are shit in general, but when it's obvious one girl is going to win and they make a half-assed attempt to throw in more girls for the sake of it, that just rubs salt into the wounds.
What category does Kimi no Iru Machi fall under?
source on OP?

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