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Would Clare and Guts have much fucks?

One he get off boat. He leave Casca for better pussy.

Probably. Griffith ruined Casca's vagina.

Clare's is still tight and squeaky clean. Griffith would probably end up raping her to fuck with Guts too.

Or maybe Casca comes to her senses and they begin a polyamorous relationship.
But Anon, did you read last chapters of Claymore?
Raki is Guts now... without the madness thing.
He fucking fights with the strongest being on the Island, survives youma AIDS cancer and swings fuck-huge sword 1h.

And he un-fused his waifu from monster with only his voice.
>fucking hideous clare
>not sexy teresa

Besides, Guts already has Shierke and Farnese.
This. Raki is now a p.cool dude and the foil Clare needs, strong enough to stand at least somewhat close to her but also strong in his mind, not haunted by demons.

>Besides, Guts already has Shierke and Farnese.
And this too. If Guts wants to go somewhere else (or more likely, Casca decides to go back to Griffith, we've already seen the direct written warning that "what she wants might not be what you want") he's got options on hand.

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