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I finally finished watching this series for the first time. If this is anime.. What the hell have I been watching all this time?

When everybody parted ways in the end it was bittersweet. But I was ambivalent because I felt like I was traveling right alongside them the entire journey and now it had finally concluded. It was bittersweet. I was glad that they had managed to succeed when all was said and done.

But now I would never see them again. Ever. There would never be any more adventures. I couldn't and still can't envision a world where they were no longer together. I cried like a little bitch. I don't know why. But I cried. I don't really get attached to fictional characters but I genuinely enjoyed them.

Do you think they will ever meet again, /a/?
90% chance of shitposting and calling you an entry level faggot
10% chance of awesome SC thread

I know what you mean anon, it ended well
yes they will, in case you missed it their fates are intertwined.
Dat reading episode
japan isn't a big country. even back then. they'll cross roads once more.
>Samurai Champloo

baby's first anime

go watch ~200 more series before coming back
the door's that way, see ya in a few months OP
I dropped it after 3 episodes.
>baby's first anime
It was bound to happen
I don't really have a problem with the show itself.

If OP had just created the thread only writing "Will they ever meet again?" he probably would've gotten good discussion going.

Too bad he had to shout to everyone how new he is and blog about his fucking feelings.
That alone will probably make people scroll past the thread. It's his fault, don't blame me.
OP pls go back to reddit and stay there.
Please go and stay go.

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