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I loathe and despise Shinku because she thinks she's special.

She has a whole lot of other disagreeable traits, but they can usually be excused if you bend back far enough - "Jum deserves to be treated like shit"; "Suigintou started it" (no she didn't) - but the one that remains inexcusable is that she genuinely and openly thinks she's better than others.

I can't describe how much that one attribute makes me hate her.
my waifu <3
S1 ending made it possible to endure the tsun-tsun.

S2 sunk her so far into Do Not Want-territory it's not even funny.
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That's because I AM better than everyone else. I'm just being a realist.

Do you want me to lie to myself or something?
Shinku is my favorite. I love her aristocratic-ness.
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I think you all should read some Ayn Rand. She really opened my eyes.
Shinku really is just that much better than us. Nothing can be done about it, it's just a fact of life.
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The OVA made me like her a bit more. It's not like she didn't think lower of Suigintou; she just wanted her to not get involved in the game so she wouldn't have to be killed. So Shinku earned points with me for that.
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My name is Shinku Ryan, and I am here to ask you a question. Is a doll not entitled to the sweat of her Medium?
I hated Shinku not because what she was, but because anime bent over backwards to present her rather disagreeable personality traits as desirable and all-around perfect.

Luckily Ouverture came around and pretty much made the problem moot.

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