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Reference that you racist westerners are inferior to us Asians : http://antiwc2.tumblr.com/post/74579277052/

westerners are retarded :
1. westerners could not make any Anime.
2. western super heroes wore their panty outside.
3. They keep claiming having big penis while having big penis actually make someone dumb, just see african who have the biggest penis are the most poor and less advanced peoples.
4. More and more of them trying hard to act and look like us Asians, claim as one of us Asians and even believe as one of us Asians while they are the one who massacres over 500000 innocent Japanese using nukes.
5. They believe they are as cute and as youthful as us Asians when they imitate our Anime/Asian characters.
6. Etc
We Asians believe you westerners are ugly, that is why we Asians prefer to imitate our Anime/Asian characters and not your cartoon/western characters because we Asians believe your western characters are as ugly as you westerners, Proud To Be Asian!

You westerners are inferior to us Asians, that is why you westerners keep prefer to imitate our Anime/Asian characters and not your cartoon/western characters because you westerners yourselves feels you are inferior, ugly, etc to us Asians, Proud To Be Asian!
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avatar is better anyway
The reason western games not sell well in Japan is the same reason why western cartoon not sell well in Japan because western games and cartoon characters which made by westerners based on themselves are not cute, while Japanese prefer cuteness and also believe westerners are not cute

Another evidences of this are :
- Japanese prefer to Cosplay Anime/Asian characters and not cartoon/western characters.
- Japanese not choosing any westerners to form the sister group for AKB48 and instead choosing other Asians such as Indonesian and Chinese.
- Dolls, action figures and other figurines that are based on westerners are also not sell well in Japan.
- Etc

You westerners are UGLY, go stick to your ugly cartoon.

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