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>this chapter

It will be meaningless though. What the point of stabbing a being that has perfect regeneration? Seriously, all they do is for nothing.

>A normal human kills the most powerful being in existence


Any Awakened Being dies if you cut off his head. Even Priscilla is not an exception to the rule.
Then he shouldn't have stabbed her vertically. She'll regenerate it right away.

>Even Priscilla is not an exception to the rule.
Isn't the point about her being exceptional in all regards?

Well she can't regenerate while the blade is still lodged there and all it takes is a horizontal slash to chop off her head.

And we never saw her regenerate from a beheading before.
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>some of the MC's clearly dies now and gets cut into million pieces
>nah, we just regenerate her
Why the fuck is the author afraid of killing anyone from the main cast? There are way too fucking many of them anyway.
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Well I can't read moonspeak but the look on Cynthia's face when she tries to cure Tabitha is pretty much pic related
So, three more chapters?

At best.

About time it ended anyway.
No one dies: The manga
I think you should check the last page again, and how Raki was placed in the previous pages.
The wound is not fatal. I suppose that Raki severed some nerves and the lodged in blade prevents their regeneration and some movements (translation of his speech when?).

This was foreshadowed with that awakened being that also had a sword in her throat and couldn't remove it herself (no arms).

Those are Priscilla's wings, not part of Raki's body.
This has been dragging on for way too long.
>No one dies: The manga

Two just died a while ago you retard
I meant the eyes, see pic.

But I checked again, they are also drawn in in a light tone before.
And who the fuck was is that guy above Raki in the last page?
File: Spoiler Image (142.03 KB, 1100x810)
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bleed through from the other side of the page (see also the black text on the right)
>Reading Claymore post-time skip
You fucked up
>not reading it
What are you doing here? Waiting for Berserk?
It's out:

Claymore 147 [MS].rar

In b4 waiting for MIB - nope, not this time for me.

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