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Just started watching this (ep 6) and it's a lot easier to get through than the manga. I stopped reading around the arc with the auctions and phantoms and stuff because I couldn't take togashi's doodle-tier art anymore. Probably should've learned from my experience with yyh though. The lack of gore (at least so far) is a downside to the anime but it's worth it. Anyway why are there no girls in the main 4? Kurapika could've been one but he seems to be just Kurama with different motives.
It's a division of work.
Togashi draws cute boys (in ambiguous relationships with cute boys), his wife draws cute girls (in ambiguous relationships with cute girls).

I do wonder what they are like together in bed though. Do they completely ignore each other or are they like savage beasts attacking each other with claws and teeth?
Whatever anybody will tell you and even when your own eyes starts deceiving you, remember one crucial thing. Kurapika is a girl.
Did you watch the TV or the BD version?

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