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This may be considered Urasawa's magnum opus, but for me it certainly was inferior to Monster in any way possible.
>This may be considered Urasawa's magnum opus
By who? Because I know lots of people don't think too highly of it. Or at least all of it.
I head he, Urasawa himself, considers it this greatest work. There's also the thing about Kenji being Urasawa's self-insert in the story.
You can't really trust the author to not be biased. The fact that you mention a self-insert only really confirms that.
I think it's better than pluto, but pluto had more of an impact on me. His different works have different strengths, also 20th century boys is certainly the most 'epic'.
>also 20th century boys is certainly the most 'epic'.
It's also the silliest and in my opinion the mystery started to become trash when 2nd Friend appears.

The villain's motivations are also as silly as the day is long.

For me, it went kinda like:
Monster > Pluto > 20CB
Gesicht > Tenma > Kenji
Johan > "Friend" > Pluto/the bear

Although the mystery in the first part of 20 CB was the best
Or make it

Tenma > Kenji > Atom
and then
Otcho = Grimmer = Gesicht
I'd say Pluto is his best work but he definitely has every right to call 20CB his greatest one.
About 10% of Kenji's early life comes from Urasawa's own experiences but that doesn't necessarily make him a self-insert and even if he is, that doesn't necessarily mean a lack of quality.
Both Monster and 20th century boys are very good in a lot of similar ways but also a lot of different ways. Liking one doesn't guarantee you'll like the other even though that's the case for most people.
I think 20th century boys might be my favourite of his works but its hard to tell since they're all such high quality and all enjoyable In different ways.
I always thought the first protagonist from Billy Bat is his self-insert, since he is, you know, a comic artist.
I wasn't referring to it as it's a lack of quality. It's just one of the reasons why I think that's his magnum opus.

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