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Man, what a lacking adaptation. I mean it has its good points, but when they trim the story so much, why even bother adapting it? Let alone with a triology.
This Kubooka guy is a clown, and it's a mystery to me why Miura puts up with him.
>"The Idolm@ster" character designer
Oh wait, never mind. Mystery solved.

With all this said, I have to credit Kubooka and the rest of the film crew for not shying away from the story's violent and sexual content in an industry where countless adaptations have suffered from censorship. Then again, film releases and TV broadcasts are an obvious world of difference in that respect.
Maybe he should also have gone with the Idolm@ster chara design. Japs love moe, the shock value of the violence and gore would have been greater and the movies wouldn't have bombed the way they did.
That would probably be too much for all the meek otaku to handle, not to mention the janitors who'd have to clean up after them.
The movies bombed because of the horrible CG
The CG is pretty awful.

Although, the part where Guts kills a hundred guys is pretty fucking good.
Seems to me like they run out of money for tracing over the CG so they left it in as it was
If it kept the way it was animated throughout all the movies I wouldn't have minded. The art was pretty good it was that god awful CG that was terrible

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