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Raws are out
Please tell me I'm not the only one reading this

>best girl being best as usual
>Shima being a prick again
>MC is Ichigo now
>Mephisto is /a/
>MC and friends charge into enemy HQ
This is so fun to read
Should I dump the raw pages?
Might as well

>MC is Ichigo now
He's been Ichigo since this started.
I'm still reading it. I'm not sure I really like this whole Illuminati thing. It's pretty average overall.
How is Shima a evil spy when his brothers aren't?
The Illuminati sucks but I'm glad we're finally getting an Izumo arc

How do you they aren't all traitors?

>Hey, how do you feel right now?
>talking to you, Pink head

>Are you happy? Or sad?
>Which is it?

>Shut up and walk!
>You saw my mom, right
>I'm going to end up like that
>It means I'm going to die
>It's all over

>well it's just a close experiment, if it works you'll be free
>you have to think positively
>if the experiment succeeds I'll get disposed of

>I'm going to die anyway
>We brought Material Number 987
File: rape time.jpg (131.73 KB, 800x1212)
131.73 KB
131.73 KB JPG
>glad you're here, Izumo-chan

>What's this all of a sudden?! Hurry up and sedate her

>don't put a scratch on that body!
>Bring the sedative!

>(her usual spell)
>Uke! Mike!
>Protect me!

>W-what the hell are you all doing! Quit fucking around
>Hurry up and catch her!

>Lund, Strem
>get her

>I'll go too~
>Profesor Gedouin!
>What is it now?!
>we will never see all of this animated
Be back in ten minutes
>Intruders at the main entrance!
>What are the guards doing? those idiots!!
>They're not responding
>Argh, they're all useless

>Oh I know, I'll have them meet my failed test subjects!

>Ah, Mike!
>Took you long enough! What were you doing?!
File: 1389040491069.jpg (892.98 KB, 1992x1484)
892.98 KB
892.98 KB JPG
Posting the baffling poll
You aren't kidding.
Sasuga fujoshit
I thought girls like stupid moe guys
How does this work? You weren't kidding about the baffling part.
>four of the top five are retarded males
>the Order is here to save you
>I'm not going back!

>When I get out of here, I'll find out where Tsukumo is for sure this time
>I'll never depend on others again

>I'll protect and live with Tsukumo… whatever it takes
Rin ain't gonna like that
>Take me to the surface!

>10 hours before

>Do you see that palace next to the temple
>Is that Inari Dream Town?

Since this manga is predictable as fuck, I bet her sister is already captured and being fucked with already
>They use that building to enter their underground base
>And in that palace, they gather the people they've bewitched in this city

>What do you mean?
>Look closely at the humans here

>No anger, no sorrow, no fear nor envy, no anger or troubles
>they only keep stuffing themselves with food like innocent children
>partake in any food or drink from this land, and you will become like them
>This town is their territory, beware
>The more you eat, the more you will become enslaved


>Spit it out, you retard!
>Ah! What are you doing?! Such a waste!
>Rin, don't eat anymore!

>But we ate some too, didn't we?
>that soba...
ugh, gluttony plot
Am I the only one hoping that the others will learn how to fight rather than being useless.
>You are all protected by herbal magic
>Herbs? I didn't distribute any…
>Wait, herbs?
>Can it be…

>Shiemi-san's grass sandwiches?!

>Once they are bewitched with this land's food, those humans ride a bus to that palace
>And are never seen again
I think the small cast actually has a pretty good fight repertoire
did you miss that whole arc with the mysteries where they worked out how to all fight together?
>new humans arrive regularly
>and disappear into that palace

>So the Illuminati are mass-brainwashing innocent civilians and confining them in Inari Dream Town?
>Why are they doing this?!
>Heh, I don't know their goals…

>But let me say this,
>This land may seem beautiful and bountiful on the outside...
>But it is rotten on the inside
>and may as well be crawling with maggots
>We will restore Satan to power
>And bring together Assiah and Gehenna as one
>And this world shall know true peace

>What on earth is Illuminati planning?
>Those artificial Gehenna gates and this Inari business are all related to that…!
>Hey hey, you're slowing down!
>We're not all Satan's kids!


I think what I like most about this manga is that it's honest to its genre
It's shonenshit/fujobait, but I get the feeling it's self-aware and still makes a predictable plot fun enough
Also the art is nice
Also, it doesn't try to be DEEP or anything more special than it really is
Yeah, the art was what attracted me to this series in the first place.
>That's them all right
>What will we do with all those guards?

>The only obvious entrances are those front doors and the helipad on the roof

>Lord Pheles, we've discovered the Illuminati's underground facilities entrance building
>I'll send you the details on our location by mail
>Well done, thank you for your work~

>What about our backup?
>Ah we're still very busy at the moment...
Both the manga and anime have nice art.

Especially the movie
i'm just wondering when Toudou will make another appearance. my favorite scenes are pretty much Toudou messing with Yukio and him trying to provoke Yukio to go into demon mode is something i'm really looking forward to
Mephisto's powerlevel is pretty high

>I'm very sorry, but I'm not certain when I can send reinforcements…
>There is a chance that Kamiki-san is being experimented upon
>We ought to act fast

>Whether you wait for backup or charge right in is up to you, Captain Okumura
>You're the only one with the Meister title, but your group's combat power is quite high
>If you were to lose, that means the leader was at fault
yep. let's just let the exwires who don't even have their meisters or exorcist titles take care of the terrorists that blasted out our headquarters and declared war on us without any backup whatsoever
>Reinforcements shall be sent
>Until then, captain, good luck!

>Is everything all right?
>Izumo is in danger…
>I'm being summoned, you're on your own from here! Hurry!

>A-are you all right Mike-san?
>Calm down, he only left this vessel

I've always felt that for exwires (i.e. practically the lowest fodder in Exorcist power levels), Rin's friends are ridiculously overpowered
They're even better at fighting than the adult exorcist in the movie
>He must've been summoned by Kamiki Izumo
>So Kamiki-san is in a situation where she's forced to fight?

>We will trust that backup will arrive shortly, and charge in from the front
>Are you all prepared?
>Fine by me (meow)
>Who the hell are you?! Do you have proof of citizenship from Dream Town?
>This isn't a place for students to come, leave!

>I'm the leader, so follow my orders
>Especially you Nii-san

>They're humans, so go easy on them
>Yeah yeah, I know

>Captain Four-Eyes!

Yeah, let's go easy on the people who are kidnapping thousands of people and performing unspeakable experiments on them, especially their friend
File: GETSUGA TENSHO.jpg (127.89 KB, 800x1232)
127.89 KB
127.89 KB JPG
>Take this
Fodders gonna fodder
>Easy win!
>Can I just say one thing…

>Satan Slash?
>Shut it! It's my usual attack, SHURA just named it that! SHURA said it'd be easier to image if there was a name!!

>Well it's true that you'd forget how to do it otherwise
>You making fun of me?!
>Wow… still impressive
These two pages:

>A shopping mall?!

>Are the people who were on that bus earlier really here? I don't see anyone, not even the enemy
>No, something's here
>There's something here
>Don't let your guard down

>You can sense something?
>It gives me the creeps

>Are these all fake?

>Please remain calm, everyone
>We just burst in from the front, so they'll be sure to attack sooner than later
>Try to stay together and we'll find a way down
a manga character who's been reading too many manga

I'd let suguro use his bazooka on me any day
>Izumo, Uke!
>Something's coming from the front!


>Aaahh, what happened?!
>My leg got shredded!

>Sorry, but
>Can't let you pass through here, Izumo-chan <3

>Shima Renzo!

Shima a shit
>inb4 double agent
File: oh shit.jpg (131.65 KB, 800x1217)
131.65 KB
131.65 KB JPG
>It's a person!!
>Hey, you there…
File: Spoiler Image (121.54 KB, 800x1224)
121.54 KB
121.54 KB JPG
Last page
I hope he isn't forgiven in the end.
>actually a good guy
>easily forgiven

>actually a bad guy
>still easily forgiven

He's gonna get the friendship.
You just know he will be.
>Case closed
>Izumo is safe, Shima reveals he was a double agent
>Suguro punches him
>"I didn't want to blow my cover"
>"Also didn't want you guys to get involved and hurt"
>Rin says he always knew Shima was a cool guy like that
>manly tears
>group hug
Thanks OP for the raws and translations.
I always thought I'd be the only one who reads this, and now its even getting translated!
What is it saying?
Fuck yeah Izumo, not taking their bullshit like a weak DiD
You forgot
>10 new Yaoi doujins were started that day
"Shiemi a shit"
Just garbled nonsense

I was speed-translating, some of these lines can be restructured better and given proper capitalization/word choices
It just further proves how awesome she is and why she is best girl.
I was afraid of a Rukia 2.0, but this is refreshing to see.
>twintails DFC
Mephisto has good taste

What a lame name
>not using alliteration when naming your attacks
This is why you are forever a page

fundamental problem in a lot of stories that insist on having a lot of hierarchical power ranks, but the MCs are all at a the lower ranks.

The last time I've seen something like that done well was... well, Sora no Kiseki. ( not even a manga, but game )
Honestly, the mangaka kind of lost momentum of the entire series after the whole Impure King storyline.

It felt like the idea of the next major storyline didn't come together until recently, and thus there was the boring fillers and non-commital chapters to only lead up to the current Izumo arc.

A pity, Ao is really enjoyable when it hits its stride, but it's not been doing that lately.
I only recently read it all, but I thought the Impure King storyline dragged on for way too long. I find the current one way more interesting.

Actually, now that I reread it, I want to take it back.

The pacing, imo, peaked at Rin revealing his powers to his friends/Amaimon fight.
1st half of Impure King was still alright, but the 2nd half drama of 'CAN'T PULL OUT POWER' and that villain trolling mctroll the younger brother did drag on too long.
The major problem for me is that Yukio is forever a self-conflicted faggot. It wouldn't be so bad if he had fun with Rin and Co. once in a while - they're all the same age after all - but no, it's always NO FUN ALLOWED. It doesn't help that Rin is as dense and happy-go-lucky as he is

I agree.

Normally main characters like Rin is somewhat irritating & annoying, but Yukio manages to be such a faggot that Rin actually feels like a good character.
at least they won't be incest

rin is pretty aware that yukio is suffering from inner turmoil, even if he can't pinpoint the cause. but it's pretty difficult when the guy refuses to open up to anyone and tries to bear his burden alone since he has this notion that if he does anything less he'll feel weak again, and the whole rescue mission doesn't leave a lot of room for beating the truth out of yukio.
of course this is all going to bite yuki in the ass the next time toudou decides to try to turn his hidden demon side on.
This shit is even worse than Naruto
S2 when?
File: ao43845389.png (13.72 KB, 154x82)
13.72 KB
13.72 KB PNG
don't you dare
I think the reason everyone likes yukio (god damn there's more than a thousand vote difference between him and 2nd place) is because people find him relatable. What with the stress and pressure to live up to his fathers/everyones expectations (especially applies to the japanese), his self-consciousness, hiding his insecurities from everyone, fears of becoming what he hates, love/hate relationship with his sibling, ect
I can't wait to watch him break.
But why? How? Is he just that moe to fujos?
There lots of fun things about Amaimon, but a pretty key thing is that he is one of the eight children of Satan and the King of Earth.

Fujos are all about members of a small, elite group. Expect the King of Light to jump pretty far up the list when he becomes important.
Him beating Rin is still so strange, but I guess fujos are too complex for me.
does anyone have the rest of the popularity poll? they didn't put in the american release, but i'm pretty sure they showed there was another page that showed the top 30?
Okay so I wasn't able to find a picture, but I do have the list

11. Lightning - 256
12. Shiro Fujimoto - 205
13. Doi - 202
14. Shura Kirigakure - 151
14. First Angelic Legion Spy - 151
16. Kuro - 144
17. Saburouta Toudou - 136
18. Igor Neuhaus - 126
19. Juuzou Shima - 119
20. Uwabami Hojo - 105

And for reference, this is Doi who got number 13, he was in 5 panels tops (and that's not even how he looked in the monthly release, this is in the volume release)
And....somehow a spy that was in 2 panels tops and didn't even get named also got on the list?
...And Uwabami Hojo is Mamushi's father...and Mamushi didn't even make the list
Sounds like there were some japanese forums organizing a few things.

It actually is. First 100 or so chapters of Naruto were at least decent, Ao no Exorcist became boring ass after they get into the academy (so first 2 chapters or so=
File: ao43834834.gif (58.80 KB, 188x235)
58.80 KB
58.80 KB GIF
Okay now you're not even trying
>Izumo above Shiemi
At least they got that right.
File: 4de275f1uJF1Ltyd.png (464.97 KB, 600x390)
464.97 KB
464.97 KB PNG
Don't talk bad about my queen.
Your queen is bland shit though.
File: jkjTt3155aA.png (488.19 KB, 1300x1300)
488.19 KB
488.19 KB PNG
Hell naw son. She's gone through a lot of development, plus pretty much everyone would be dead if it wasn't for her; she's saved Izumo like three times alone.
Of course Izumo has her merits, but don't downtalk the flower queen.
Plus Izumo + Shiemi make a cute ship.

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