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There is a whole list of reasons. And the more informed, the more wealthy and the more honoured white men feel inferior to black men; for several reason

1. their superior physical form and attractiveness to women
2. Their confidence and style (or "swagger")
3. White men feel sexually inferior, so he attacks the black man's penis
4. Annoyed at history, almost all the ancient greek historians claimed they got their arts and sciences from egypt - especially philosophy. And they describe the egyptians as black africans
5. Blacks have dominant genes, melanin in their skin; white men are afraid of being wipped out; so they keep the white woman from between the legs of the black man
6. black men have more testestorone and better reflex; which makes them the best in sports
7. they are musically talented.

You might disagree with some or all of this, but I would challenge you t look at the western culture and history and see if these things are not so.

These are the reason I can think of now...but there might be more.

I'm proud of being black and now I know that white guys are frustrated as a male because they are inferior men compared to us in the most pure sense of manhood and their self-image of being a white man.

Lol, I'm here and you all are losers, I'm not only in 4chan

4chan is a easy mode for white guys, I doubt of your bullshit here because you know that you will be banned and jailed

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