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Rate me
Fuck off.
Fuck off back to MAL.
Okay I guess. Why though have you dropped things you rated 6/10 yet completed things you rated 2/10?

Fuck these guys, you may not have the best taste, but there's not problem using MAL as a list, as long as you use it for just a list and don't stoop to the level of the fag forums.
Fuck off you piss chugging cunt
>Those 10s
Haha holy fuck Bleach? Madoka? Clannad? 10?!?
File: 1390090271060.png (487.71 KB, 1280x720)
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There's nothing wrong with a MAL, but when you come to ask for a rating of your MAL?
This isn't /b/...
>awful tastes
Fuck off
>This isn't /b/...
It's close enough
Nice power level, but as I always have said, the amount of anime you have seen means nothing if you hadn't really enjoyed them, it's not about quantity, it's about quality.
>inferno cop 1
>bleach 10
Did you just finish year 7?
Why is this thread still up? I reported it.
It isn't against the rules...
Attention Whore/10
File: 1385364006023.jpg (73.30 KB, 1068x600)
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Nothing wrong with MAL stuff.
Personally I used Anime Planets listing.
Sorry OP didn't look at list in detail so can't rate. Did noticed though that Bleach is scored high.
Dats bad.
Fuck off m8
Not your blog/10
Fuck off retard
Fuck off pleb.
>As long as I have two eyes, I'll never stop watching anime.
I don't read manga because it's outdated garbage.

I watch whatever anime I'm in the mood for. That's really about it. Don't like my list of anime? Don't click on it ever again then.

I skip filler in long running anime.

I also drop whatever I feel is not keeping me excited. Sorry but anime isn't a job or chore, it's for entertainment.

I like my 2D females to be adults because they're just the best.

Arguing with children about what is a good or bad anime is so far below me. I'm too old for that.

GETTING READY FOR THAT J-STAR VICTORY VS. SHIT ON PLAYSTATION 3 IT'S GONNA BE HYPE. Will be watching mainly Shounen jump series until I'm prepared.


I like seeing my anime list view count go up so keep on clicking.

>liking MAL
>having shit tastes
>calling others pleb

It doesn't work like that nigga
File: 1385771198495.jpg (134.08 KB, 636x480)
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134.08 KB JPG
>I don't read manga because it's outdated garbage.
you are beyond saving
get the fuck >>>/out/
>MaL thread
>bumping the thread
What the fuck
Fuck off retard

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