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Are there any East/West collaboration projects worth watching? I was interested at the notion of two different extremes working together and was wondering if there was anything worth watching/reading out of that experience?

I thought Interstella 5555 was real neat, it's shame DP never did any more collab projects like that.
That Oban Star Racers thing was written by a french dude but animated in Japan

Transformers in general has pretty much always been half Japanese and half American
Animatrix, I thought it was fucking awful though.
Space Dandy
Teen Titans was, I think.
Don't quote me on that though.
Not really, as far as I know
Batman Gotham Knight was, though. I enjoyed some of the shorts
Looking forward to this one, I think it is by they guys who made Oban

the scooby doo zombie island movie was animated in japan
a third of animaniacs, freekazoid and pink and the brain were animated in japan, if that is what you are looking for
Slim pickings but

Halo Legends
Afro Samurai
Appleseed: Ex Machina
Speed Racer
Marvel Anime
Japan as viewed by 17 creators. Korea as viewed by 12 creators. Flight or something.

Here's an exhaustive list by Mike Toole:
Tekkonkinkreet if you count being directed by an American.
When are they releasing Interstella 5556 already?

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