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Can we get a manga thread going
What are you curently reading?
What have you dropped recently?

Just read D-frag , such a horrible manga
File: 1386276537383.jpg (10.51 KB, 184x184)
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10.51 KB JPG
>Punpun 135
Pegasus was nothing but filler. Thank God he's gone.
Sachi best girl.
>such a horrible manga
It's not as great as people make it out to be, but it's not that bad.

Just reading random oneshots.

>nothing but filler
Clearly you didn't get it then.
File: Goodnight Punpun v12 p135a.jpg (406.14 KB, 1064x1600)
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406.14 KB JPG
Finished Punpun last night. I had dust in my eyes a lot.

I thought the cult stuff was underdeveloped but not terrible. I'm happy with the ending for the most part, as in how it was written. I feel really sad about Aiko, I wanted her to have a happy ending of some sort, even if I also wanted Punpun to make Sachi happy. I'm really glad Harumi showed up again and was happy to see his life going okay. Seeing Yuuichi and Midori's baby born was great too, God being in the baby's eye was scary though.

Now I'm just reading a simple manga about people making different types of food from locally scavenged ingredients based in a small Japanese village called Little Forest. It's good for the void Punpun left inside me. It's by Igarashi Daisuke, who did Witches and Hanashippanashi.
File: img000004.jpg (1.37 MB, 2115x1400)
1.37 MB
1.37 MB JPG
I just finished Shion no Ou.
That last volume was some ride.
Ayumi is still best girl.
It's getting a live action apparently. I was a little confused by that. It would be cool if Igarashi Daisuke had an anime though.

jojo's bizarre adventure, i'm on part 4 right now and i want to get to part 7 fast, it's the one that interests me the most
File: 1368438764949.png (152.13 KB, 600x429)
152.13 KB
152.13 KB PNG
>pegasus was nothing but filler
Go on, tell us more how you didn't understand a single thing about the manga.
I don't have the willpower to read it, spoiler to me how it ended please.
Yasashii Sekai no Tsukurikata updates when?
I'm reading Part 7, trust me, it certainly is and then some, probably the best part when it comes to character development thus far for me, and the camaraderie/friendship between Johnny and Gyro is pretty heart-warmingly good.
File: 1391118457069.jpg (589.31 KB, 1040x1495)
589.31 KB
589.31 KB JPG
Finished Freesia a couple days ago, and it's still lingering on my mind. Great story and art, and any half-assed description of mine wouldn't do it justice. You have to read it to appreciate it for what it is. I tried making a thread about it but it died within 20 posts.
File: 1319164033925.jpg (45.15 KB, 779x264)
45.15 KB
45.15 KB JPG
That's kinda weird, but if it has a good atmosphere it could be worth watching. Same with if they made an anime of his stuff, because it'd be really hard for it to portray the art style well in my opinion.
Do not avert your gaze, for the devil knows your fear.
Parts 4 and 7 are my favourite.

I loved part 4's characters and how it progressed.
Gyro and Johnny are the best duo though.
It's certainly not for lack of raws.

>portray the art style well in my opinion
I don't now, it would be able to catch the kind of magic though if done right.
What else is like it?
Is like what? Igarashi's stuff?
File: reality.png (311.35 KB, 769x641)
311.35 KB
311.35 KB PNG
I just started reading Kyuusen no Shima.

The entire thing is weird.
No like Yasashii Sekai
Not a lot that isn't utter shit.
File: 1372570919691.jpg (135.68 KB, 500x451)
135.68 KB
135.68 KB JPG
Just found out Ashinano is doing a new manga and it's already getting scanned by the group that did Kabu no Isaki. That's great news.
Looks arousing.
Don't get too hyped, I've seen people complaining that the it ruined their enjoyment of SBR because their expectations were too high.
Although it's my favorite part, it's still an Araki's work with his usual flaws, so it's far from perfect.
What a beautiful Duwang
Is it a girl or a boy? It it a recurring character?
What's with his/her mouth?
Just started reading Toradora, hopefully it will be good. Everyone suggested me to start it so fuck, let's do it. And the last manga I dropped is Urotsukidouji, but only temporarily. I'm going back to it when I feel like reading it, seems cool but right now I need some good feels.
File: 01.png (2.60 MB, 1030x1500)
2.60 MB
2.60 MB PNG
Gonna dump the new manga. It's called Kotonoba Drive. It's a short first chapter but if you like YKK it's more of the same style. Can't wait to see where it goes.
File: 02.png (2.42 MB, 1041x1500)
2.42 MB
2.42 MB PNG
File: 03.png (1.87 MB, 1038x1500)
1.87 MB
1.87 MB PNG
File: 04.png (2.55 MB, 1039x1500)
2.55 MB
2.55 MB PNG
> Ashinano Hitoshi
> if you like YKK it's more of the same style
No shit.
File: 05.png (793.50 KB, 1033x1500)
793.50 KB
793.50 KB PNG
File: 06.png (486.54 KB, 1035x1500)
486.54 KB
486.54 KB PNG
File: 07.png (511.10 KB, 1035x1500)
511.10 KB
511.10 KB PNG
File: 111.png (305.86 KB, 1099x1600)
305.86 KB
305.86 KB PNG
It's a girl and that's just a random page to show how Kano (the MC with glasses) can act autistic or completely detached from reality at times. What's a flower?
File: 08.png (707.54 KB, 1037x1500)
707.54 KB
707.54 KB PNG
File: 09.png (920.42 KB, 1029x1500)
920.42 KB
920.42 KB PNG
I am ashamed to admit I've yet to read YKK. But I'll put it on priority now that I am reminded of it.
File: 10.png (535.54 KB, 1036x1500)
535.54 KB
535.54 KB PNG
That's a pity. She looks creepy, but in a cute way.
File: 11.png (477.01 KB, 1037x1500)
477.01 KB
477.01 KB PNG
File: DJr9bHD.jpg (280.54 KB, 1200x851)
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280.54 KB JPG
I'm currently awaiting the next chapter of All You Need is Kill. The novel was a really good read, and the manga is shaping up to follow it pretty well. Same artist who did Death Note, too.

I'm also starting Akame ga Kill. I've known about it for a while, but haven't picked it up yet
>Same artist who did Death Note, too.
That's supposed to be a good point?
File: 12.png (543 KB, 1035x1500)
543 KB
543 KB PNG
I didn't read Mango for years. 200+ seasons and not one page read. Then some faggot convinced me to read JoJo, and while I ended up dropping it, I started reading mango regularly.

It fucking sucks, fuck that guy. This is worse than anime.

Months between chapters. And half the time that is like 10 minutes of reading at best.

I have a bookmark folder FILLED with mango that I'm waiting on the next chapter. I click every fucking one almost daily just to see if something new came out.

Nothing new ever comes out.
File: 13.png (725.19 KB, 1029x1500)
725.19 KB
725.19 KB PNG
>I click every fucking one almost daily just to see if something new came out.
>What are RSS feeds
It's not 1999 anymore, anon-kun. We have devised technology to precisely prevent that kind of waste of time.
File: 14.png (549.18 KB, 1038x1500)
549.18 KB
549.18 KB PNG
Why don't you just use Baka Updates? You can make a list and it'll tell you when new releases come out for the series on the list, you can even turn it into an RSS.
File: ShominSample_c07_11.png (244.52 KB, 960x1400)
244.52 KB
244.52 KB PNG
I just picked up Shomin Sample
>you will never take care of a cute autistic genius loli

File: 15.png (544.45 KB, 1035x1500)
544.45 KB
544.45 KB PNG
File: 16.png (406.04 KB, 1038x1500)
406.04 KB
406.04 KB PNG
File: 17.png (497.99 KB, 1029x1500)
497.99 KB
497.99 KB PNG
I didn't get it.
File: 18.png (374.46 KB, 1036x1500)
374.46 KB
374.46 KB PNG
File: 19.png (209.63 KB, 1031x1500)
209.63 KB
209.63 KB PNG
File: 20.png (834.97 KB, 1032x1500)
834.97 KB
834.97 KB PNG
>manga thread going
>What are you curently reading
I have just finished Hokuto no Ken Ichigo-Aji,bought from Amazon.
I'm going through Inio Asano's works, currently reading Sekai no Owari to Yoake Mae, recently finished Solanin (loved it) and Subarashii Sekai (11th chapter was my fav).
Oh man, that page colour. Makes me nostalgic for piss yellow Jojo and GTO.
I liked Solanin almost as much as Punpun. I'm thinking about watching the live-action film one of those days.
I'm leaving Pun Pun for now, I plan on reading his other works first.

I watched the movie on the same day I finished reading the manga, it was ok, it's a very close adaptation, Miyazaki Aoi is a cutie, I like the version of the song from the movie far more than the one from AKFG
File: tlou_v02_cover[1].jpg (228.31 KB, 1456x1071)
228.31 KB
228.31 KB JPG
>What are you curently reading?

Rereading this, and then maybe I'll finish reading the sequel that I dropped.

It's pretty bland, but its like Jojo lite and it's nostalgic for me.

The curse of liking a manga that never gets updated, is canceled, ended too soon, or something happens to the author
But the feeling when something that never gets updated suddenly does is pretty great.
Recently started dorohedoro and am currently on about chapter 75. It's not bad and the magic is neat. It certainly keeps me reading
In a manga like Punpun the journey is the point, not the ending. Read it all.
File: 1390823275443.jpg (42.26 KB, 275x300)
42.26 KB
42.26 KB JPG
i've had hearing loss for a few years now
i actually teared up a few tears
Except when so much time has passed since the last update, you've forgotten why you liked the story and can't be arsed to re-read the whole thing again.
Yes, true. Still, seeing how happy people are when something suddenly starts getting updated again is one of my favorite things about manga.
Just begun reading Jojo Part 5
Seems interesting

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