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Try writing a compelling and original story for an anime. No cliches.
I can't do it, I think solely in cliches.
He's a pussy. She's a bitch. Together, they never fuck.
Black mc, he can do pretty much whatever.
If you're not using any anime cliches then why even specify that it's an anime? You're basically just saying "come up with a premise for a story in general", since the art style is only a tangential concern at this stage. This could be a thread about writing stories for a live action screenplay or a book or a video game and the responses would be indistinguishable thanks to that premise.
>MC is a girl
>Not dense nor indecisive
>Not a mary sue
>Doesn't lust over someone D/V
>Male and Female friends
Certain stories work better for certain formats though. Ideally parts of the format should be used whenever possible to benefit a story. I doubt you could make a first person monologue like the heart of darkness display the story in a method that stays true to the novel and remains interesting.

>No cliches.

On November 23rd 0300 hours Japan lost contact with the United Nations and the rest of the world as as a mysterious red mist obscured the nations Islands from satellite view and radio contact. Ryan Henry is an American special forces officer that's head of the unit codenamed Red November. Sent by the US government in secret against UN regulations the unit enters the mists to gain intel surrounding the incident and Americas allied country.

>UN thinks the US has something to do with it because of some sort of global relations meeting. Like maybe in this timeline North Korea tried to attack and the US nuked them first against UN regulations because the US thought they were going to move against US allied neighbors.
>Alien invasion (bug like, aka tyranids/zerg/starship troopers. I don't care if its a trope its a successful interpretation for this type of story)
>Unit crashes and has to escape with limited supplies and no contact.
>The UN discovers somethings up and investigates the US's involvement limiting the ability for the US to provide help to Red November.
>While in Tokyo (lets just say the chopper or whatever transport crashed in Tokyo) they discover a young girl, elementary school age, who seems to be unnoticed by the aliens.
>They decide to take her with them along with whatever data they can find and escape the country alive if able.
>When the UN finds the Unit near Tokyo and makes the move to capture her for extensive testing the team splits on whether to save her or possibly save humanity from the threat by giving her up.
>The US finds out and sends a team to secure the girl by any means and ends up hunting down Red November.
>She gets captured and Red November dies spurring the swarm to spread from japan in order to preserve what they scientists discover is a key member of their synapse.
>The Story changes after several years when she escapes and joins the hive to wipe out the humanity that turned on her.
>The story follows a new team who's soul mission is to cut the head off the hive and try and save humanity from the alien threat.
Student council president decides to help raise money for the school festival by cooking crystal meth.
Childhood friend wins.

Instant hit.
Seems a bit too much like a blockbuster. But I'd still give it a shot.
Guy must bitchslap girls every hour when he's awake or his heart gives out. His childhood friend is a masochist in love with their but knows about mc's condition and helps him out. The teacher however is an uptight disciplinarian and wants to put an end to their shenanigans. Unbeknownst to them, the mc is cursed by a ritual to release satan and his dog has been possesed by one of his demons to see to it that mc dies by heart failure.
The year is 2025, and a great disaster happens. It causes many deaths, and most of humanity is wiped out. One of the survivors, a scientist, makes a promise to go to the past and change the future so that the disaster never happens, so he makes a pact with the devil to go back in time to save the future.

The scientist, along with his tulpa, his best friend, and the devil (who is a cute little girl), then go on many adventures, all the while trying to stop the disaster from happening down the line. In their adventures they tackle issues such as morality dealing with science, human behavior, trust and betrayal, and many other thought provoking themes.

Along the way they make many friends who are willing to support them and help them stop the disaster in the future.

They put their plans into motion after they form a subgroup and start subbing anime.
Where's the part where they fight monsters in giant non-robots?

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