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I just saw The Garden of Words, and had an issue: that issue being that I chose the wrong subs, which didn't translate the final scene following the credits.

Now, during the period of ten to twenty minutes wherein I'd been left without closure, unsure as to whether the two leads would meet again, or pursue a relationship, I'd been left with sick feeling of poignancy, which was immediately dispelled after I'd watched the ending subbed, and it was hinted at that the MC would reconnect with the heroine. Having been calmed by the revelation of a happy ending,I can't say that I lost interest in the story, far from that, in fact, but I must that that ending really didn't make me think about it for as long afterwards as it did when things were unsure, or when I'd thought they wouldn't go through with seeing each other

Do you think the story would have been better or more powerful if they'd not gone for the "happy" ending that they did?

Also, it may just be that I misinterpreted that bit before the credits, and everything you've just read was drivel. In which case, I apologize.
"I now think that I was learning how to walk then, as well. One day, once I'm able to walk a far, far greater distance, I'll come for you."

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