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File: godDamnit.png (779.21 KB, 1280x1832)
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779.21 KB PNG
Fuck this is hard to read.

Why? I thought the scan quality was pretty good.
>v.3 c.7 by Reapers Scans & Misty Rain Scans (123d ago)
>v.2 c.5 by Kotonoha (628d ago)
>v.2 c.4 by Kotonoha (689d ago)

Oh jeez

har har

I just...I just want to see someone wipe that smile off that fucker's face.
because the plot is fucking edgy shit

He's going to eventually get killed by the king. Remember Wolfsmund dude worked for the king's brother and the king doesn't trust him.
You sure? Cause as shady as the guy is, he's practically the only reason hell hasn't broken loose yet.

It's not like getting rid of this ass hole is gonna make the opposition love you or anything. They are just gonna take that chance to take back their lands through revolt.

If the mangaka didn't keep using women 90% of the time, chances are a lot more people would stomach it no matter how brutal it got.
Isn't this manga just torture porn?
File: image.jpg (137.72 KB, 1280x720)
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Damn! I fapped many times to that scene with the priest fucking the mom.

Captcha: blessed.
Basically it's a revolution story but the author needed to give you a reason to side with the good guys first
It's not torture porn, it's suffering porn.
is there any place where I can read chapter 8 onwards? my google fu for Raws is weak it seems.
File: Spoiler Image (335.79 KB, 855x1200)
335.79 KB
335.79 KB JPG
Vertical is releaseing that in english. Buy that shit.

No, rebellion forces are literally going to stick a log up his ass. There is like one or two chapters left in the story, 6th volume should be the last one.

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