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I wanted to propose that we create some new labels classifying anime subjectively, but that would be too much to ask for.

H/a/y, I want to find more anime that is likely to fall under my tastes, could you maybe help me out? I know what I don't want:

For starters, I'm sick of school anime. I'm also sick of typical character archetypes (the moe, the loli, the stupid MC, useless MC becomes hero, etc etc). I'm sick of overused tropes.

I'm sick of "fanservice" automatically meaning sexiness. I prefer fanservice to mean generally whatever unique trait an anime has that you can't wait to see again. The progressively crazier fights in Gurren Lagann, for example. Eureka 7 had the Seven Swell. Hellsing has Alucard's transformations. SZB had all that slapstick. Mushishi had the Ginko & the Mushi. The list goes on.

So yeah, this is for starters.
Patema was awesome but way too short.
Look, /a/ gets recommendation threads a lot this days and you'll likely get a lot of hate after this post.

google /a/ anime recommendation.

Or making a MAL account, input your favorite anime and the ones that you watched. Then look at the recommendation associated for those anime.
Thank you, I'll look it up. I understand that this isn't /r/, my main objective was to see if

In the meantime I'll go on listing some anime. I'm sure there are others out there who would like to know about more good anime. I've seen others turned off by the direction the majority of anime is taking.

Pic is of The Twelve Kingdoms. Now that was a beautiful tale to follow. It's too bad the writer fell ill in the middle of it.
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Bokurano was wicked sick, but I felt it grow weaker the closer it came to the end.

Best part to look forward to: the cut-in for advertisements. Hearing that "Bokurano" kept giving me happy chills.
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I love the concept of Rideback's robot bikes, but the anime itself was sub-par, & there were too few scenes with robot action.
Probably because the manga was infinitely better.

And guess what? Most of the assumptions you seem to be making in the OP aren't true, and the kind of shows you're talking about are the ones typically considered 'good anime' and highly recommended by /a/. Just go take a look at the rec charts.
I saw this in an AMV but both /a/ and /m/ said it was shit
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Tetsuwan Birdy was ok. I liked how sparks flew off her heels as she ran.

Original Birdy's hair > Birdy Decode

If you mean assumptions regarding what I'm sick of, I know that doesn't mean that /a/ prefers that. It's just that I find it difficult to find anything that isn't like that on these boards.

I agree, but if those bikes were ever made irl, I'd get one without a thought. The anime looked like a robot/mecha anime but they didn't bother doing anything with said robots, which is a big mistake.
Jaded as fuck

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