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Thoughts and what could happen in season two and the possible movie
I hope we get more shoutouts to the original series that I don't know jackshit about.

Also some more background on the crew, maybe Alan/Joe's boyfriend getting killed, a beach episode, a bigger look at Rui Rui's closet, and social media in space.
Directors cut subs when?
Where and the fuck are my subs
I dunno it's been too damn long. You'd think someone would've gotten on that by now.

At least like a damn SUMMARY of what was being said.

I keep holding out for the radio interviews to get translated since there's some character info, but I'm not gonna hold my breath...
My only guess is that the only raw for the episode 12 directors cut is a web rip on nyaa. Maybe some group is waiting to get a hold of the BD?
What I'm wondering is apparently the BD had english subs included? Wonder if there were subs for the director's cut too.

Could've sworn I saw an HQ version swimming around the web.
There's also hardsubbed 720p Chinese, though that's not raw
>What I'm wondering is apparently the BD had english subs included
citation fucking needed
Didn't Cthuko say they were going it?
Cthuko is only at episode ten right now, they probably won't have the director's cut subbed until 2017.

Big huge question mark on that comment, I heard it here. I'll look around to see if it's true.
If the directors cut is out I'm really surprised no one has subbed it yet. Gatchaman seemed like it had a decently sized fan base when it was airing.
It's hard to imagine all interest has dropped off considering it getting a second season.
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I think the plot for the second season will be the problems related to everyone having CROWDs. Despite it's optimism, GC seemed to say that there's always drawbacks to everything.

And the directors cut is still really not subbed? That seems dumb. Even OVAs of off-season shows are given subs usually.
Yeah, the series did end on a note of saying CROWD violence was a thing that was happening. Hopefully they'll build something interesting off of that if that's the route they take.

Anyone know if it's coming out this summer or next summer?

And yeah, it hasn't been subbed yet. Hopefully sooooooon.
S1 was Ramayana so S2 will be Mahabharata?

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