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End of Eva was never happened and the decision,budget, and manpower used to make it was used for Boku no Pico movie.
Man, Trigger really ruined anime. I don't think there's any coming back.
Yamaka saved anime once again! Who knew he could top the modern classic that was Fractale with an idol anime.
God Naruto has great pacing throughout the entire series and Gantz had one of the best endings I've seen in ages.
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Gee, this thread is still funny even after 50 times!
Sena is amazing
Yozora was a huge piece of shit
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Ah yes, the typical response from somebody who doesn't know how to let a joke die gracefully.
>ever dying
File: 1351858383713.jpg (29.72 KB, 364x242)
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>muh culture
>repeating the same joke over and over and still thinking it's funny
>expecting us to change specifically for you
>he pointed out how it is stupid to keep laughing at the same boring joke over and over
>i-i wont change just for you!
You're thoroughly entertaining.
You're thoroughly one note.
Either make points more than "it bores me" and we can have a serious talk.
"It bores me" wasn't even my point. If you couldn't understand that I was saying using the same joke over and over again is like beating a dead horse then there is no need in my wasting my time. It's like those faggots that keep posting the "what girl would be good at doggy style?" then post Nina over and over again, even though it was only funny the first time. To repeat threads like these is unfitting humor for those above the age of 18.
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W-would you two fuck already?
Evangelion was totally ground-breaking, and is the Kill la Kill of our time
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I liked the Tsukihime anime.
Super Sonico's anime is so insightful. I cannot believe how much philosophy, politics, and religion they have jammed together in such a cohessive manner. It is beautifully complex yet easy to enjoy even for someone not versed in such things. And super sonico herself! Such depth of character and powerful motivations. One of the most well written intellegent characters of all time IMO. And wow that beach episode. Not gonna spoil it here. Just prepare your body for it: has one of the finest moments in fiction.

If you're watching Super Sonico for anything other than a vapid soncio having fun, you need to reevaluate your anime habits.

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