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anyone watching stuff from their backlog? how is it?

I finally watched Ergo Proxy and it's just way too convoluted but Pino is cute as fuck
I've started watching Ergo Proxy, actually. I'm on episode 8 or something and it doesn't seem that convoluted at all. That Paranoid Android, though.
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I'm watching it too, the pace is a bit off it seems.
Finally got around to both Gundam SEED series. The first one was nice, Destiny not so much.

that was a common complaint I've heard about it but I didn't find that to be the case at all, I enjoyed all the "slower" episodes that focused on the characters and didn't find them to be at all problematic.
Finished Usagi Drop on Wednesday after having it for a few months. It was great and I'm really looking forward to reading the manga.
My issue is their inability to switch between Re-l and Vincent effectively. Other than that, I think it's great so far. It feels like what I would expect SAC to be after watching the original GITS movie, which I love.
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Well, some people just don't have the attention span to watch almost two full episodes without an explosion. Just, who could deal with that?
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Not really so much of a backlog, but fall of last year I made a list of upcoming anime to watch, and am only just now getting to them.

Magi S2
Log Horizon
Golden Time
Magical Warfare
Arpeggio of Ars Nova: Blue Steel
and a bunch of others.

This season is pretty good.

You can't fool me, I know you know. But I'm sorry anyway.

Yeah I don't mind those at all, it is the episode after he falls from the city and is in a refugee camp that put me slightly off but I enjoyed it so far.
Because I'm watching a ton of shows this season, I've decided watching backlog stuff alongside it would screw me over with remembering names and events so I'm taking a break from backlog and just rewatching Yuyushiki and Aria right now.
No you're not. No one is ready.

I forgot most of the details of the show but what I recall was that it just didn't sit well with me at all and actually put me to sleep at times. I felt like it had a lot to say but didn't really deliver anything of value.

>Log Horizon

I've been planning to watch that too and stayed away from the threads as well, it looked like the show had some pacing issues as well from what OP wrote as the first post.

Can someone confirm ?
I finished Bokurano 3 days ago and now I'm finishing Tari Tari.
Still a lot to watch/read
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I'm finally about to finish Excel Saga after something like seven years, after stopping at episode 13 because I didn't have the money for the rest of the DVDs.

It's very much according to Nabeshin keikaku. mfw the Gundam/Yamato episode.
I really liked Ergo Proxy. I thought the ending was refreshingly straightforward, rather than trying to shoehorn some pretentious plot twist in at the last second.
Watched Ergo Proxy a couple weeks ago. Definitely one of my favorites
That's just about my reaction to the show. I got fucking pissed at that one episode where important plot and backstory was revealed in a fucking quiz show shit was retarded and only went downhill from there.
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>because I didn't have the money for the rest of the DVDs

So pure, I'd hold hands with you anon but I don't want to tarnish your soul.
Nightmare Quiz Show is one of the high points of the series
Recently watched all Eva stuff.
You guys had me thinking it was [pretentious convoluted 2deep4me crap. I thought the TV series was pretty good, not hard to follow.
EoE was damn good, and no so confusing as I was lead to belive. I got all the points it was trying to make, and it's plot was simple to understand. Not sure why it has so much confusion around it.
The Rebuilds were nice, but seem to be missing the spark(?) or the real character drives original had.
Nearing the end of Polar Bear Cafe. It's been such a wonderful ride so far
from a manga stand point

~30 chapters of claymore
~150 chapters of naruto
~110 chapters of bleach (whole quincy arc)
8 vols of sidonia
~30 chapters of guyver

Next up I was gonna catch up on WCW.

As to anime,

Tatami Galaxy (Interesting, but dragged on too long, I think)
UN-GO (Flawed, but liked it quite a bit)
blood-c movie (Disappointing)
yuruyuri (Sucked)
WALL-E (Not anime, I guess. Also pretty over rated)


Watched 6 eps of baccano so far, and as much as I want to like it, because I do like the characters, it's not doing it for me for some reason. I think the jumbled story mechanic isn't working to it's advantage.
help me out here /a/, I have a weekend ahead of me

It's a good show man. Perhaps maybe possibly there might be kind of a few little pacing problems, but's definitely for sure a given that you shouldn't worry about it.
I just went and voted, and saw the results.
Atrocious. I don't care what they saw, watch shinsekai yori.

It has not one, but TWO legitimate time skips. It's great.

Alright that settles it then.
oh, thanks for fucking ruining that for me, btw
Code Geass R2 at the moment.

It's pretty good but I wish they'd used some of the budget for the soundtrack.

Oh yeah, I do know Lelouch dies and stuff, don't bother. I'm just here for the ride.
He didn't ruin one damn thing actually.
I could easily ruin the entire series for you in 3 words, but it's a great show, and I'm not an asshole. Go watch it.
Don't worry about it, you won't see when they're coming, and also you kind of pick it up in the simple dialogue, "back then, we had no idea..."

besides that, the show starts off with a gigantic flashback anyways.
File: Drinking Pic 45.png (594.92 KB, 734x708)
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I bought a 2 TB external hard drive and I am filling it with shows from my backlog at the moment.

So far

Shikabane Hime Aka

Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita



Ergo Proxy



Mardock Scramble : All three movies which are currently being downloaded at 1.4kb

Those are all that I bothered downloading right now.
Blue gender.
Does it get better?
only a few episodes in
File: 1389742519715.gif (944.80 KB, 294x226)
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On the last episode. It's really, really good. I feel they spend a little bit too much time explaining how Akagi wins, but it's really intense.
>Mfw Yasuoka headbumbs Washizu's Bai Man
I watched Ergo Proxy but stopped about halfway through since I got sidetracked by things. I never picked it up again for some reason, even though I've watched like 15 entire series since then.

I have about 5 or 6 series currently on my backlog that I haven't even touched. For some reason I prefer watching entire series that I've watched before over and over and over again.
I'm almost finished Punpun, which I love, and I'm 8 episodes into Mushishi, which is pretty damn good.
>Code Geass R2 at the moment.
>It's pretty good but I wish they'd used some of the budget for the soundtrack.

Opinions, but I really like the soundtrack just as it is.

I hope you're watching one episode a night, before bed. That's the only way to go.
SDF Macross.
Most fun I've had in a long time.
>Deadalus attack!
I've been watching monster, it started off pretty great but holy shit does it get sidetracked towards the middle. Stop adding all these damn characters and let me see Tenma again
File: goat weg.jpg (331.47 KB, 1008x403)
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Convoluted you say?

No, it's one of the worst pieces of shit I've ever watched.
File: 1389665118573.jpg (52.49 KB, 600x604)
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>not liking the quiz show
I tried watching Dennou Coil but i feel really bogged down with some of the terminology and just didn't feel like finishing it anytime soon. I plan to revisit it sometime though.

Presently, I'm about to start DMC.
File: 1390781588958.png (58.91 KB, 472x486)
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58.91 KB PNG
It's kind of boring. I stopped watching after the first 8 episodes because MUH FUTURE ETHICS
I put it down for a couple weeks before coming back and really getting into it. Once it gets going, it's really great.

It's not pretentious but it can be convoluted depending on what answers you seek. Strictly as a character study it's relatively easy to grasp, other elements of the plot such as the angels and evas and religious stuff not so much. What makes Eva (mainly EoE) a mindfuck is its direction and its presentation. Parts of that film are very experimental and far removed from what you'd see in most anime.

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