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Hey /a/, some of you might remember me, some of you might not, but I was working on a story that some of you were interested in. It's almost done, and I'll definitely be finishing it today.

So here goes:
>Anon is outside enjoying a nice day at the park with his one and only /a/.
>Anon-kun and /a/-chan, both with huge grins on their faces are laughing at a silly joke that Anon-kun made earlier.
>"And so, I said to the newfag, go watch boku no pico!"
>They don't get to do this too often since /a/ has been very sick in the last few years. It's been getting worse but they try to continue their lives as if nothing happened, enjoying each moment to it's fullest.
>"Hmm? What is it /a/-chan?"
>"..Thanks for always being there for me.."
>"Oh.. Don't worry /a/-chan, I'll always be here for you, no matter what happens. A guy like me has no where else to go anyways." Anon-kun says nonchalantly
>"ne, Anon-kun, it's kind of silly, but can I ask you for something?.."
>"Sure, I'd do anything for you /a/-chan."
>/a/-chan blushes, and looks away
>"O-On second thought, it's okay Anon-kun, it's bit childish and silly anyways, you wouldn't like it."
>"Oh come on, what is it? I promise I won't laugh."
>"Um.. Okay. Anon-kun.. Can you.. Can you pat my head?"
>Anon-kun blushes while scratching his head. After a moment he moves a bit closer, and pats /a/-chan on the head.
>/a/-chan giggles
>"Thanks Anon-kun, I always feel safe when you're with me."
>"W-What are you saying you b-baka."
>Anon-kun stares off into the distance, his hand still on /a/-chan's head
>Suddenly, /a/-chan collapses

>"/a/-chan! /a/-chan!" Anon-kun cries out.
>Anon-kun calls an ambulances, and rushes /a/-chan to the hospital
>Minutes later at 4chan General Hospital..
>Anon-kun worriedly sits outside waiting for the doctor's diagnosis
>Doctor comes out to speak with Anon
>"It's not looking very good for her anon-kun."
>"Isn't there something you can do? Anything? If it's money you need, I'll pay what ever the price. I'll start working. I'll do what ever it takes. Please, just tell me you can help her."
>"On Doctor Moot's orders, we've removed /q/, and changed some rules, made it so you can't delete threads, added some normalfag mods to help moderate the board, but it doesn't seem to be helping. Even now more rec threads, and blog posts continue to show up. I'm afraid the cancer has just progressed too far at this point anon-kun. There's nothing else we can do for her."
>Anon-kun enraged, grabs the doctor by his coat
>"This is all your fault! It's your fault that it's gotten this far! You should've added better mods, gotten rid of all the cancer before it became this widespread, made an example of them! You should've never listened to /q/!"
>"I'm sorry Anon-kun, I'm afraid there's nothing else we can do. Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go and see if we can make /v/ even worse than it already is."
>Tears stream down Anon-kun's face.
>"This isn't right, she doesn't deserve this." He says to himself
>Before going into the room, Anon-kun wipes his tears away
>He opens the door to see /a/-chan lying in the bed
>"Oh it's you Anon-kun.." she says weakly, with a smile on her face

>Anon-kun rushes to her side
>"What's wro--" She coughs "--ng, you big dummy?" She pauses to take a breathe. "Don't make a big deal about this, I'll be okay. It's not like this is the first time, I'll get better, and we can have fun like we always do, right?"
>A tear rolls down Anon-kun's cheek. His throat was dry. It was hard to breath. There was a deep pain in his chest. He was supposed to be cheering her up, but here he was about to cry again, unable to say a single word.
>/a/-chan wipes away his tear "Oh come on, where's that big dumb smile that you always show me Anon-kun? I don't want to see you like this."
>Anon could feel that she was getting weak. He grabs a hold of her hand, and forces out a big smile.
>"There it is.." She says happily with a smile of her own
>Anon-kun, finally managing to pull himself together, starts talking to /a/-chan
>Hours pass as the two talk to one another, anon-kun making the same jokes that he always does
>"And so I said to him 'your waifu a shit'!"
>/a/-chan giggles like she always does.
>Just like how it always was...
File: clannaids diagnose.jpg (88.43 KB, 894x848)
88.43 KB
88.43 KB JPG
is this like the 14 year old navy seal copy pasta but the /a/ edition?
i cri evertim

>"ne..Anon-kun, I'm feeling a little tired... Is it okay if I rest for a little?"
>"Oh.. I'll go wait outside then, so you can sleep." Anon-kun says while getting up
>/a/-chan squeezes Anon-kun's hand
>"What is it /a/-chan?"
>".. I.. I have request Anon-kun." /a/-chan says weakly
>"Requests go to /r/, /a/-chan." He says jokingly "... But I'll make an exception for you this one time, okay?" He finishes
>She smiles again, she always laughed at his jokes, no matter how dumb they were.
>"Can.. Can you stay by my side until I fall asleep?"
>Anon-kun can feel the tears welling up again, but he tries his best to stay strong
>"Of course I can /a/-chan.. After all.. A guy like me has no where else to go anyways, right?"
>"That's... That's not true Anon-kun... You're always saying that, but.. But I know that if you tried, you could do anything! ...After all...there's no way the guy that I like could be a loser..." She says as she falls asleep.

>....Eh?.. Nandatte?
Oh shit, I remember this. I will be waiting eagerly for the end.

>While watching over /a/-chan Anon-kun thinks about the time when he first met her.
>Anon-kun was walking home alone one day when a piece of paper with a crude drawing on it blows in his face. Scribbled onto it is a crude drawing of an anime girl, and the words "ur a faget"
>Looking around for the source of the drawing, and sees /a/-chan sitting on a hill which is scattered with papers. He sees her making scribbling another drawing while laughing to herself.
>Anon-kun stops to watch for a while, wonder if he should go up and talk to her, but instead eventually decides to continue home for today.
>Days go by, Anon-kun continues to take the same route home. Except now he stops on his walk to watch /a/-chan for a bit from afar.
>Until one day, Anon-kun musters up the courage to greet /a/-chan.
>"H-Hey" Anon-kun says nervously
>"What do you want?" /a/-chan says, while working on a drawing
>"I.. I've been watching you for a while now, and I'm was just wondering what you're always doing here by yourself." He asks
>"What does it look like?" She replies sharply, eyes focused on her drawing
>Another gets a quick glimpse of her drawing. It's hard to make out, but it seems to involve a character from an anime Anon has seen.
>He then asks "Do you like anime? I like anime too."
>After staring him down for a moment, /a/-chan asks "Hmph... What anime have you seen?"
>Anon-kun lists some of his favourite animes that he has seen so far
>A look of disgust shows on her face.
>"Those are all shit. Your taste is shit, go away." She tells
>Anon-kun is surprised at the rude response. He argues back
>"O-Oh yeah? If your taste is so good, why don't you name some good ones!"
>/a/-chan puts her drawing down, and thinks for a moment before replying. A big grin appears on her once cold face.
>"... Okay. If it'll get you to leave, I'll tell you about one of the greatest animes ever made. It's called Boku no Pico. Don't come back until you've seen it. Got it?"

>"Fine with me!" Anon-kun replies as he storms off. Determined to show her that his taste wasn't shit, he heads straight home to look for the anime that she mentioned.
>The next day.
>A red faced Anon-kun runs up the hill to where /a/-chan is sitting.
>"Hey! You tricked me! That wasn't anime! That was a.. A p-porn!" He yells, while doing a poor job at hiding his embarassment
>"HAHAHAHA... BAKA BAKA!" She says as she laughs
>And that was the story of how the two met.

Back to the present

>Anon-kun laughs while terribly embarrassed by how new he was back then. He wasn't sure why, but even after that, he continued to visit /a/-chan on that hill to talk with her every day. Even though it always ended up with /a/-chan making fun of Anon-kun he always had fun.
>Years would pass by, Anon-kun's friends would come and go, but /a/-chan was always there, waiting on that hill ready to laugh, and argue with Anon-kun over the silliest of things.
>After making sure /a/-chan was asleep, and Anon-kun decides go get some fresh air to clear his head.
>He puts her hand gently down on her side, and exits the room quietly.
>Anon heads up the stairs to the rooftop.
>He opens the door to find that there is already somebody up there on the roof.
>Wearing a pink dress, a tiara, and a doctor's outfit the figure turns around and looks at Anon-kun
>"Oh.. It's you." He says as he takes the cigarette out from his mouth and exhales a puff of smoke.
>Anon-kun clenches his fist."
File: 1381578091147.jpg (33.80 KB, 407x608)
33.80 KB
33.80 KB JPG

>Anon-kun charges at moot, and throws a wide haymaker with all of his weight behind his fist.
>"TOO SLOW!" moot says as he side steps anon's sloppy punch, and positions himself behind anon.
>In a flash, Anon-kun disappears, and reappears behind moot.
>"SAYS YOU!" Anon-kun replies as he throws another punch
>Anon-kun's punch hits only the air, as moot's after image dissapates.
>"TOO SLOW!" moot says again from behind Anon-kun, having dodged another punch.
>"SAYS YOUUUU!" Anon-kun yells as he throws another punch after reappearing behind moot.
>"So, what is it that you want from me Anon-kun? Make it quick. I don't have much time to play with kids." moot says in between dodging punches
>"Where were you.." Anon-kun says as he throws a punch
>"I can't hear you Anon-kun, you're going to have to speak louder than that." moot says as he takes elegantly dodges another punch, frilly dress billowing in the wind.
>"WHERE WERE YOU MOOT?! .../a/-chan.. /a/-chan has been suffering all this time from the cancer! You could've have fixed her, you could've have made everything better! SO WHERE WERE YOU?! WHY DIDN'T YOU GO SEE HER?! WHY DIDN'T YOU DO ANYTHING?!"


>moot continues to dodge Anon-kun's endless barrage.
>Rain starts to fall on the rooftop.
>After a brief pause, he answers Anon-kun "Anon-kun, listen to yourself. Suffering? Cancer? That's ridiculous. There's nothing wrong with her. There is no cancer." moot replies
>"Don't try to tell me that there's nothing wrong moot! I've been with her every single day during these last few years! I've seen how bad it was. How bad it's getting. How the cancer is slowly destroying her eating away at her memories, taking away everything that makes her who she is." Anon-kun tells moot.
>The rain did nothing to mask the tears that were rolling down Anon-kun's cheeks. Anon-kun continues talking, his voice that was full of angry was replaced by desperation.
>"...She's disappearing moot... How can you not feel anything? Why don't you want to help?! Don't you remember those days? You were there too.. The three of us... We--" Anon-kun started saying before being interrupted by moot
>"What of it Anon-kun? That's the past. Things change. Everything does. We've both seen it happen before. Even if there was something I could do, why would I? Who am I to stop her from growing up?"
>moot takes a moment before speaking again.
>"She'll continue to change. Whether you like it or not, it doesn't matter. There's nothing you can do to stop it. Why are you fighting so hard? Wouldn't she better off this way? She'll make more friends. Have even more fun--"
>"/a/-chan should just stay as who she is!/a/-chan is fine the way she is, she doesn't need to change!" He tells moot
>"There's an entire world out there away from /a/-chan, Anon-kun! I've been there. It's not so bad you know. Why do you want to have to stay here? Go somewhere else. I'm sure you'll be able to find someone else."
>"Even if there was somewhere else, you already know that I wouldn't leave."

>moot sighs
>"It was worth a try."
>"... You've changed moot."
>"Every body does Anon-kun. Maybe it's finally time for you to grow up as well."
>Anon-kun didn't reply.
>moot could see that none of his words would have any effect on Anon-kun.
>"I can see you're not in a mood to listen. Let's finish this up. I have a deito tonight, and I can't be late." moot said while rolling up his sleeves
>"That's fine with me!" Anon-kun replied while preparing for a final attack.
>"Staying here would only lead to suffering Anon-kun." moot tells him
>"Even so. I'll stay by her side." Anon-kun replies
>moot pulled out a ridiculously large hammer from one of his pockets.
>Anon-kun looked at the hammer. There was only one thing that Anon-kun had that would be able to counter it.
>It looks like I'll have to use 'THAT' Anon-kun thought to himself while remembering the secret move that /m/-kun had taught him years before.


>The two stood facing each other, readying their final attacks.
>"Anon-kyunn~!" moot replied in return
>A light started eminating from Anon-kun as he gathered his fighting spirit.
>"THIS HAND OF MINE GLOWS WITH AN AWESOME POWER!!.." He began to shout, just like /m/ had taught him.
>"IT'S BURNING GRIP TELLS ME TO DEFEAT YOU!.." The massive mass of energy swirled around him. Anon-kun condensed the energy, and gathered around his hand it, forming it in the shape of a blade.
>"TAKE THIS! MY LOVE, MY ANGER, AND ALL OF MY SORROW!!.." He said as he charged towards moot
>"YOUR WAIFU..." Anon-kun continued
>moot's expression changed after realizing what Anon-kun was about to say. The playful smile that he had on before quickly disappeared, and was replaced by a cold glare.
>".. A SHI--"
>Before Anon-kun could finish, within the span of a second, moot instantly closed the gap between them, and knocked Anon-kun down.
>By the time Anon-kun had realized what had happened to him, moot was standing over him with his foot firmly planted on Anon-kun's chest, keeping him down.
>Anon-kun could barely breath with the immense pressure being forced on his chest.
>"Don't you dare talk shit about mai waifu." moot told him.
>Anon-kun laughed weakly, it seems as though there was still a part of moot that still remembered.
>moot stood there frustrated with himself. Anon-kun had made him serious, if only for a moment.
>"That wasn't very nice of you Anon-kun. I'll have to punish you for trying to say something like that about my Asuka-chan." moot finally said, while adjusting a dial on his hammer
>"That should be long enough." He continued with a satisfied smile, hammer ominiously raised over Anon-kun's head.
>moot raised the hammer, and swung it towards Anon-kun's head when suddenly a voice called out

>moot stopped the hammer inches away from Anon-kun's head.
>Both Anon-kun and moot looked over to see /a/-chan standing by the door.
>"moot, please stop! Please, don't hurt Anon-kun anymore!" She called out weakly. She was coughing, and her whole body was shaking. It looked as though she could collapse again at any moment.
>"Ah~ah... Looks like I'm playing the bad guy again.." moot said, laughing to himself
>He took his foot off of Anon-kun, and with one arm, he lifted him up off the ground, placing him on his feet.
>"..but that's enough playing around for today, I have a deito after all. I'll see you around Anon-kun, don't forget what I told you." moot said before walking away.
>After seeing how weak /a/-chan was, Anon-kun gathered what little energy left he had, and quickly rushed to /a/-chan's side. He managed to make it in time, and caught her just as she was about to fall.
>/a/-chan buried her face in his chest. She was crying.
>After a brief respite, and some reassurance that he was okay, Anon-kun lifted /a/-chan onto his back.
>As he was walking, he saw moot again, squatting down talking to a little boy
>"Hey kid, wanna buy 4chan pass?" He heard moot say

>/a/-chan was released from the hospital soon after, and the two tried to continue living as they did before.
>For a while, it seemed as though /a/-chan was starting to get better again. She was talking with Anon-kun again like she used to. Laughing with him like she used to. Playfully arguing with him like she used to.
>Then there were the days where /a/-chan would forget everything. Where Anon-kun would come to see /a/-chan, and she would have no idea of who he was.
>From then on, it only seemed to continue to get worse and worse. She spoke less and less with Anon-kun, and started speaking with others. She didn't laugh like she used to, and the playful arguments that they always used to have stopped being playful.

Hobo end:


>The years would pass by, and the relationship between the two only seemed to get worse.
>Those times where /a/-chan would remember disappeared completely. She no longer recognized Anon-kun, and she was no longer the same /a/-chan that Anon-kun once knew.
>Others soon began gathering around that hill where the two used to sit. The once quiet hill that the two shared soon became crowded, and loud with voices.
>Still, even after all this, Anon-kun would continue to climb up the hill, and sit in their old spot by himself.
File: 235234235324.jpg (52.78 KB, 392x500)
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52.78 KB JPG
make a video or something.

>Anon-kun slowly made his way up the hill, making his way through the crowd.
>As he was walking he caught bits and pieces of their conversations
>He didn't pay much attention to them anymore. It was always just the same boring questions being asked, and the same boring answers being given in return.
>Eventually he made it to his usual spot, and settled down. Hours would pass by, and he would continue to sit there idly by himself staring into the distance.
>For a moment the hill seemed empty and quiet again like it used to be. He could see /a/-chan sitting there by his side again smiling.
>Just as quickly as the vision appeared, it soon faded away as Anon-kun awoke from his daydream.
>Minutes later, Anon-kun spots /a/-chan walking by in the distance.
>He thought about calling out to her, but eventually decided against it. She doesn't remember who he is anymore he reminded himself.
>He sighed and ruffled through his pack
>"...I guess I'll watch some anime." He mumbled to himself.


>While watching anime, Anon-kun noticed an odd noise nearby.
>He paused his show, and went to investigate.
>Anon-kun spots a little girl playing around with a file, trying to get it to work.
>Usually Anon-kun would ignore anyone else he encountered, but for some reason he couldn't ignore this girl.
>"Hey" He says
>"What do you want?" She asks, still focused on the file.
>"What are you doing here by yourself?" Anon-kun asks
>"What does it look like?" The little girl quickly replies
>"Would you like any help?" Anon-kun says after getting a closer look at the file
>"Hmph!.. I doubt you could get it to work. An old geezer like you probably knows nothing about anime anyways!" She says rudely
>"Of course I know what it is! Who the hell do you think I a--" Anon-kun stops mid sentence. "..I guess I'm just Anonymous" He finishes, while laughing to himself.
> He pulls something out of his bag and starts tinkering with the file, after a few minutes of playing around with it, he gives it back to the little girl.
>She opens it, and they both watch it while it plays.
>Now with a big grin on her face, she says to Anon-kun "Wow mister! Thanks!"
>Anon-kun nods, and starts packing up his things, gettnig ready to leave.
>Anon-kun turns around, wondering what else she wanted
>"Hey mister, I'm sorry I called you an old geezer who didn't know anything. You seem to know a lot about anime so.. So can you tell me what I should watch next?"
>Anon-kun stood there for a moment, playing with the stubble on his chin, wondering what he should say. A smile appears on his face.
>"Listen closely, I'll tell you about one of the greatest animes ever made. It's called Boku no Pico. You can find it here. Don't come back until you've seen it. Got it?"

>mfw the end is shit
>mfw I have no face to express how shit it was
I liked it
Was planning on writing more endings, but it looks like I overstayed my welcome. So I'll be going to bed now.


Thanks for reading.
Thanks for the story, anon. I thought it was pretty adorable.

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