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After I read Berserk, GTO, 20th Century Boys I never found any other manga interesting. Vagabond seems nice but I couldn't get into it.

I know it's all a matter of personal taste but did I just read the best mangas ever and everything pales in comparison?
You're in luck OP, it seems you have good taste like I do. Here is a list of good manga.

Threads of Time
Onani Master Kurosawa
Marie no Kanaderu Ongaku
Hikaru no Go
20th century boys is good better than Vaganbond
Don't get ahead of yourself, you have just scratched the tip of the iceberg.

Thankfully there is so much manga that you will always find great stuff.

>did I just read the best mangas ever
Not even remotely.

Lurk more.
Thanks, I'll check them
Not yet, there are others. You will stumble upon them over the years.
Somehow it doesn't trigger my autism like ''animes'' does.
I'm guessing you don't read a lot of manga then.
You got lucky and found some of the best ones, but you're not even close. Mangaupdates can help you find stuff, the tag system and the recommendations can help you find series that fits your taste.

As for personal recommendations, you probably already know it (/a/ talks about it all the time), but Oyasumi Punpun is awesome. Also read other stuff by Urasawa, like Monster and Billy Bat
Yeah that could explain it.

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