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Rumiko's response to that was something along the lines of
>I never asked that question and neither should you

Oh, god. Did declaration of motherhood get updated?

"Coming to DVD"

Oh my god.


This is going to be horrible.

BTW, this guy is apparently one of the most vocal "Moon landing is a hoax" conspirators in the world.
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Female Ranma can become pregnant. Anyone that falls in the drowned girl spring can. There was a village that used to mate with animals it threw in the cursed spring of the drowned girl. However they had to use a special magical item called the Pail of Preservation that made the curse permanent before getting them pregnant so that they wouldn't switch back. Ranma can therefore be safely impregnated once the water from the Pail of Preservation is poured on her. Otherwise an accidental reversal would presumably result in a miscarriage.

By the way, the fact Rumiko came up with the Pail of Preservation to explain how animals turned into women could be impregnated and give birth to children proves that she thought about and came up with a solution on how people that fell in that spring could become pregnant despite her claims not to think about whether Ranma could be impregnated.
I'm still in denial that this is going to happen.

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