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Do you like anime OPs? Hate them? Watch them every time? Can't stand them?
It depends on the OP.
I like anime openings usually, I wont skip them unless I'm marathoning, in which case I will always watch the opening on the last episodes-

Same rule with endings- unless it's a really emotional episode then I watch the ending to give myself some time to think (Unless it's clannad fucking afterstory. Fuck that ending. Shoulda just kept Dango)
95% of the time I love them.

Over the past year all I've been listening to it animu ops,eds, and osts.

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>there are people that skip OPs
I skip them while marathoning except when it's the first or last episode I watch, and when it's the first time that particular OP/ED is shown.
I do the same exact thing unless the OP is really good like haruhi season 1 OP.
Why would i want to listen to the same generic J-pop every episode?
Why would you want to watch anime in the first place? It's all shit.
I skip them almost always.

They take too long, and are usually the same as every other OP. For example, see http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ibPCLMH1NM4

There are notable exceptions though, such as the Ghost In The Shell: Stand Alone Complex OPs + EDs.
>skipping OPs

What happened to you /a/?
If I'm watching a currently airing show I watch the OP every time since they do an effective job at creating an atmosphere and getting you in the mindset for maximum immersion.

I usually skip the openings when I'm marathoning a show since I'm already in the mindset to watch them, unless the opening is really good.
My rule is I must watch the OP or ED if it is the first time I've watched said series.

If I like it, I never skip it.
If I don't like it, I skip it.

What more is there to say than this? Some OPs/EDs are utter trash and should be skipped at the first note, while some are glorious masterpieces that should be enjoyed thrice before starting an episode, as well as a lot of mediocre shit in between these two extremes that you can skip or watch depending on your mood. Does that about cover it?
I watch them only once but if I really like one I won't skip it. Same with EDs
Minimize and shitpost on 4chin and then maximize and watch the episode.
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>That file name

I will rip out your heart and feast on your intestines.
I like to watch them as many times as I can bear because it then helps trigger nostalgia after you finish the series.
In other words, I like to have the song attached to the series in my mind so that when I listen to the song I remember the times in which I watched the series, not necessarily the show itself.
I usually marathon shows. The vast majority of the time, it doesn't matter what the OPs and EDs are, I'll skip them. Hearing them multiple times in one day is too much and I just want to get onto the next episode. If it's good I'll listen to it in my own time anyway.

I can only think of one exception where I watched it every episode during a marathon and that was Kaiji.
Why would you skip them? Do you have no appreciation?

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