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I'm thinking of watching this. Got a few questions about it.
I'm really into romance, but I don't expect a main topic of this anime to be romance, I was just wondering since the main character is a male and the other main character is a female if it was a OTP type of deal, or it was just nothing ever? Like I said, not trying to ship something that isn't there or spout bullshit, just wondering.
Secondly, is it good?
Well, I'm retarded.
I found some doujins of this on the sadpanda and thought this was one of those good LNs that never got an anime adaptation, but it did got.
Thanks, OP.
I've known about this for a while, but I was actually reminded of it from a recent addition to sadpanda.
Not entirely unrelated, the LN is tagged as romance, but the anime isn't, so I'm thinking that Alice+MC is a OTP thing, but development doesn't happen in the anime at all.

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