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So /a/, would you create an army comprised of strictly little girls? Would the rules and discipline be as strict as I-1's? What would you use that army for?


Also, WuG thread.
The copy pasting is strong in the animators. Then again, who'd want to draw that many unique girls?
Well they could have made it a tad less obvious. I saw the duplicates in row 9 and 10, column 6 from the left side while watching the show.
The copypasta of characters was an artistic decision on Yamakan's part to emphasize how the creatively bankrupt jewducer of I1 treats his idols as easily replaceable cogs. Defective and broken idols can be immediately replaced by another mass-produced unit from his industrial Idol Machine. It's only out in the boonies where the Industry's power is at its weakest, as represented by Broducer being such a useless sack, can the pure spirit of the cute girls flower, and it's there the otaku must go to find the little girl who is truly passionate when she sings her little heart out.
little girl armies is what the world needs

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