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>born too late for colonization
>born too early for space colonization
>born too early for Virtual Reality

I don't know about you guys but I'm killing myself, peace
>too born too early for VR

What, are you going to die of old age in a couple of years if you don't kill yourself?

Peace OP. I'll think of you when I'm helping someone kill himself in a VR simulation.
VR will become a reality after space colonization so yeah... unless you freeze your balls and wake up in 400 years, you might get to experience it.
Inb4 faggots saying Oculus Rift is VR
Protip: Find some way to put yourself in a coma instead, then you can live with you're waifu in your dreams
>born after middle ages puppet shows
>born before takeover of CGI animation and 3D cartoons
>born just in time for glorious 2D
Life is good.
>born at the right time to love your waifu
Maybe there's still some worth left in this life.
>Born just in time for the waifu revolution
You were born just in time to shitpost off-topic threads which should be on /b/ though.
>born to early to see berserk end
>born in the golden age of yuri
>virtual reality coming soon
not that bad to be fair
Not anime or manga.

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