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Fucking dropped.
>Foreshadowed since forever
>Takes OP until reveal to figure out where the show was going
How does it feel to be dumb, OP?
You mean you didn't see it coming?
Are you new to shounen or what? The foreshadowing was there, anon, although it's not so obvious in the anime.
Try the manga.

>ITT: Armchair writers who think they could have written a better story
Reiner is the Armored Titan
Bert is the Colossal Titan
Annie is the Female Titan
Eren is the Commander Titan
Ymir is the Dancing Titan
Connie's Mom is a Titan
The walls are titans
>Eren is the Commander Titan
Oh god, my sides
>although it's not so obvious in the anime.
It was very obvious in the anime.
I have only watched the anime but
>Hurr suddenly intelligent titans out of nowhere that can appear and disappear
>MCs dad is doctor
>MCs dad injects MC with something
>MC is assumed dead
I saw it coming from far away
Then who was elder titan?
>You can't do better so you must put up with the shit of everyone else
You forgot the fucking steam from Eren's head.
That fucking steam...
I'm interested in hearing why you think it's shit.
Why was this decision in story-telling shit? And i'm not talking about SnK as a whole, i'm talking about the decision to take the story in the direction OP is complaining about.

And because you would have rather seen something else isn't an answer.
File: 1353082560127.jpg (229.17 KB, 725x674)
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>Actually giving valid substantial objective reasons as to why x/y is bad and not your average "it's bad because I think x/y genre by nature is bad / it's bad because I think x/y character setting is bad" reply based solely on opinion and self subscribed elitism - which is based on almost no former knowledge of the medium known as art and animation.
>Thinking anyone on /a/ is actually qualified to criticize any anime at all

/a/non, you're asking for the fucking impossible at this point...
What is truly ridiculous is that in a group of 10 persons, 5 of them turns out to be titans. Seriously what were the odds?

Was Eren's basement also a titan?
The four of them mostly entered the Legion to spy on Historia.
And you meant 11 people, Ymir wasn't in the top 10.
File: et.png (150.25 KB, 320x320)
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if ur so smart then who is elder titan??? pixis?
Not anon you responded to, but that's not excluding ysmir - because none of them knew historias true identity until halfway through the anime AND manga but ysmir did as shown through a flashback, so it's still 5 out of 10 unless you count Eren himself, and he was simply there to kill titans, not to spy. Do you honestly think everyone except the 5 people who weren't titans were doing anything OTHER than being delusional faggots attempting to make up for their lost humanity by joining the scouting legion to kill titans? Come on....
File: 1382456939932.gif (1.93 MB, 400x400)
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What is all this elder titan bullshit now? Please explain. j/k It's erens dad, faggot.
fukc u too slut
BRA and Ymir knew her identity and were monitoring her all along.

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