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Why the hell does /v/ have hardware loyality?
I can understand loyality to a brand: game producing companies tend to have consistant themes in their products. But console loyality?

A console is just a collection of ram, video, cards, and a mother board. The average xbox fanboy probably doesnt even know what type of video card his system has. The average sony fan probably can't tell you any specs of a ps4 other than what color it is. Having loyality to a pre-build computer with the nintendo logo stamped on it is laughable.

Any rational person would just buy every system that exclusive soft-ware they want to play. The software is the only thing that matters. If you are too poor to afford multiple consoles than you are either in serious financial trouble and should save your money instead of buying video games (hint hint emulation is free) or you are a teenager and should get a job.

I think you clicked on the wrong board, faggot
Someone seems to have strolled into the wrong board.
Why the hell does /v/ keep shitting up /a/?
what anime is this???

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