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7 seeds thread? New chapter today.

What does /a/ think of this manga? I don't read much shojo or josei manga but I found it really interesting. There are some silly parts of the plot (40 people isn't a large enough genetic base to repopulate, for one) but overall it's very entertaining. There's more of a focus on character drama than I'm used to but the characters are well developed and I suppose this is typical of material made for this demographic.

Anyways, what predictions does /a/ have for this arc? Who will die next? Who will breed with who?
>What does /a/ think of this manga?
It's probably one of the most mentioned josei series on here. Although, that really doesn't say much, considering that's still not a lot.

I haven't even read it yet. It's been on the backlog for a while.

>I suppose this is typical of material made for this demographic.
7seeds has to be in some way exceptional for it to be known amongst a population who do not read shoujo or josei. There's no shortage of shit in any demographic.
personally I love it, but I'm not currently caught up. I put it on hold to let the chapters build put about a year back.
My favorite aspect of this manga is just how many of the characters feel important. Who's your favorite?
Does anyone know the secondary classes the Summer A characters took? I know Ryo and Ango took fire&water and that Nijiko took earth&water, but I can't remember the rest.
Ryo. I feel like he's going to die, though; he's disposable because Ango has the same skillset. Ango is pretty seriously fucked up, though, and I have to wonder whether he'll really completely recover. Maybe Ryo will pull an upset and Ango will die.

On a side note, I don't really like either Hana or Natsu; Hana is too flawless and Natsu is too flawed.
Haven't read it yet, the last chapter I was on had the group with Mozu on the strange island.

I like Haru a lot, at first I didn't expect to like him that much aside from him being a musician but he's had a ridiculous amount of character development. I also like Botan because she's very responsible but knows how to let loose or talk to the other survivors.
A josei series with two to three chapters translated a month?

Amazing. I had this one on hold because I foolishly thought that it would be like most others.
I wonder if anyone will get killed off at this point, with Basara the mangaka had a lot of characters have near-death experiences but most of them were alive by the end. It might be more likely that a couple characters lose limbs
I believe it is a monthly series. The scantlations are slightly behind so there might be a couple quicker chapters as it gets caught up.

That's disappointing. My favorite story arcs were the Summer A selection and the Ryugu Shelter arcs and they had people dropping like flies.
>Who's your favorite?
Ran, she was bit of cunt at first but I've grown to like her.

also i'm still not really clear on it, but did Ango really tell Arashi what he did to hana? it cut away and than next time they show up everything was Hunky dory between the two. if he did why the fuck isn't he bit more pissed?
I don't think so, he says how Hana died but not his (any Ryo's) involvement in it. He's shown explaining it, don't remember which chapter.

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