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so if Little Busters wasn't made by KEY, would you still like it?
Are you implying /a/ likes KEY? You silly sod
It depends how good it is. If it was written by AS2 and it was just as good as it is now, I would still love it.
I would actually like it.
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Why would it matter who made it
Depends if Nishizono remains the same.
What end did they go with for the Refrain anime? Open end, or Rin end?
Neither scene, just went from Kyousuke's return to the beach
Kyousuke returns while Rin and Riki are in the classroom, right? Entering through the window?
Or am I remembering something else?
Anyway, no Rin kiss scene would mean open end, I guess.
Um in the VN Rin being there and Kyousuke showing up is a different scene. You either go to the clubroom one more time or have the extra kiss scene with Rin.
Wait, but didn't both end with them going to the beach anyway? That couldn't happen without Kyousuke returning.
Saya a best
If LB! wasn't made by Key, no one would give one flying fuck about it.
Yes, that she is.
Yes it ends like that either way but the first scene is different whether or not you propose to Rin.

Riki wakes up in class room-->Extra Rin or clubroom scene--->Kyousuke shows up---->Beach
Oh, right. It's been a while since I read LB.
It's confusing because a few days pass in the epilogue, Kengo returns from the hospital first.

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