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Post your beta stories, it doesn't matter if your posts are 3 lines long or 3 posts long.

> at college
> go to the smoking area
> college acquaintance and qt I like come and see me
> we're conversing
> it's not really that awkward because there's 3 of us
> suddenly the acquaintance is spoke to by his friend
> he goes off for a few minutes
> me and qt left alone
> drop spaghetti
> start to sweat
> look at the posters on the wall
> fake a phone call and leave
> hide in the toilets until the next lesson
Here's another. I've posted it once or twice before if it seems familiar.

> have a dream of a girl crying, I give her tissue and we fall for each other blah blah blah
> skip a few days later (now in reality)
> back before I had low anxiety/developing anxiety (around 16)
> go to a bar where we managed to get served
> get a little drunk (couldn't drink too much because couldn't pee in the toilets comfortably)
> on the bus home at 2am
> see a qt get on a few seats ahead
> think nothing of it
> time to get off
> get off the bus
> about to turn the corner when I hear crying
> it's the qt
> remember the tissue dream
> check my pockets for tissue
> only obtain previously used tissue
> contemplate for a minute
> turn around, walk home and leave the grill to cry

At no point in your uninteresting story did I find a reference to anime.
Not anime or manga. Report and hide blogshit.
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>be drunk me
>walking across road at night middle of nowhere
>car hits me at 20mph
>i'm knocked out stone cold
>awake in house
>it's dark
>still somewhat drunkly say where the fuck am I?
>girl says I'm safe, that I've been asleep for almost 9 hours
>sit up
>she turns lights on
>smoking hot brunette was sitting there in the dark watching me
>where's my underpants?
>"Oh they're on my hope chest"
>this girl actually took my pants off and checked out my dong while I was out cold
>her mother shouts is she up there
>she says shit, tells me to put my pants on
>put pants on
>skip to walking downstairs with girl and her mother
>she asks what was i doing in the middle of the street
>says she should call my family
>tell her she can't, they're all in another country on vacation, I stayed because I hate Turkey
>eating dinner with them
>friend texts me saying he's waiting outside the place where I said I'd be (before I got knocked out by that damn car obviously)
>tell him I'm on my way
>girl pushes seat into me making me sit down
>girl says I should stay the night because mother almost "killed me" with the car
>she squeezes my thigh
>jump up
>Look I've really gotta get going my friends waiting to give me a lift
>rush out front door
>realise my epic fucking fuck up when I sober up the next day
>my fucking face when still hating myself to this day
>be at gym
>girl always feels the need to do more than whatever it is that I'm doing
>think hah, let's see her beat this
>deadlift my 120kg max
>she deadlifts literally 125kg
>a girl is stronger than me
>She tells me we should playfight sometime, smiles, winks and walks off.
You're seriously posting under different IP-adresses? What a sad case
You have 10 seconds to report OP
I hope you're saging faggots
>masturbate at porn
>feel bad for the girl
Are we getting raided or something?
It's probably some underaged /b/tards who think they're "epik trolling"
>My life

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