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File: hoozuki no reitetsu.jpg (2.81 MB, 1920x1200)
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What do you guys think of hoozuki no reitetsu?

It just seems like a sayonara zetsubou sensei-esque show that falls flat in almost every aspect.
You aren't weeb enough to get the jokes it's your fault not the shows legitimately. You have to be THIS Japanese to enjoy the show like joshirakuw.
The jokes are obscure even by japanese standards, its no wonder you dont get it.
There are so many times when im watching this I feel like theres a joke happening but can't even fathom what it is.

I have been telling myself for years that I'm not a weeb, I just like Chinese cartoons. I get like half the jokes in this show, and recognize that the other half are references I have seen before.

How bad is it? I'm not a weeb yet, am I?
I like the ED.
Art is nice. OP and ED are great.
You must be at least this Japanese to go on this ride.
I'm sure I'm missing a ton of the jokes, but Satan was amazing and King Enma is a total bro. So much dry-as-the-air-in-fiery-hell humor. Can't not love this.
Shiro is moe
I liked the joke about the dog looking like the one from that nip bank advert because I got it and felt accomplished.

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