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Why must this show be so hopelessly diluted with fucking worthless generic filler? Like clearly there's people working on this show who can draw and animate really fun cute and cartoony stuff, but those moments are sprinkled between piles and piles of useless predictable bland characters and derivative garbage that erases anything fun or appealing the show might have going for it.
Sounds like most anime. I don't understand why OVAs being replaced by longer TV shows is touted as something good when most anime wear thin by the second episode.
I agree 100%, OP.
I saw the first two episodes and they were okay, but not noteworthy at all substance wise. They are really generic characters. I'm wondering what made the manga popular enough to get an anime- like maybe there's a development coming up that makes things more interesting?

Everything you hate I just find inoffensive so I could probably enjoy the show fairly well if I ever decided to keep watching.
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Like even Love Lab had a super generic setup and pretty vapid character, but it managed to be consistently entertaining because it wasn't constantly going through obligatory motions we've seen a million times before that have lost any sort of meaning or impact. It let itself do what animation can do and artists actually use their frontal lobes when trying to entertain.
This show is kawaii as fuck and I feel sorry for you if you can't appreciate it.
I agree. I don't see the problem OP.
You know that's filled with filler? YOUR FUCKING POST

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