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File: shoujo means girl.png (197.43 KB, 431x451)
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Let's have a thread for shitty translator notes. Haven't seen anything like this in quite some time.
Pic related?

I can accept when they have one or more faults, but that page has both shitty cleaning and looks like it's been through jpeg hell, in addition to having an annoying TL note.
File: keikaku.jpg (6.81 KB, 297x170)
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6.81 KB JPG

Several chapters had really bad cleaning like that, but from what I remember this was the only instance of a completely pointless TL note.
File: img000011.png (711.52 KB, 900x1350)
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711.52 KB PNG
left bottom
Well pic related just happened. I don't really mind these kinds though as what you would think is common knowledge is not really that common.

"The company" who deals mostly in koreanshit is a horrible group. Stuff like:
File: keikaku.png (709.91 KB, 1282x2086)
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709.91 KB PNG
We just had one of these yesterday, actually.

I pprove of this here TN though. I mean, he's right.
Well, they make it up with the onomatopeia redrawing.
Is this serious or sarcasm?
In my opinion taking weeks to complete a web comic chapter is not "making up". Those things take almost no work. I would rather have a TN note for sfx, 9/10 of them you can infer what the sound is anyway.
The redrawing seems like some form of OCD or autism to me.

I do like how they popularized the medium for the western audience though, and batoto is perfect as an online reader if you use a few scripts with it.

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