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File: Fuck you :a:.png (833.15 KB, 800x598)
833.15 KB
833.15 KB PNG
Friendly reminder that no matter how much you love your waifu, she isn't real.
Huh? What was that?
File: 4bf5f68d18183.jpg (57.45 KB, 252x264)
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57.45 KB JPG
You forgot a yet at the end. I work hard everyday, so one day I can push science forward, and be closer to bringing her to reality. I know I'm not alone, and I believe that all together will be able to do it.
you are just mad that you arenĀ“t a master tulpamancer like me, now excuse me while I have some first rate sex with my lovely 2D woman
She's real in my heart and that's the only thing that counts.
I hate that fucking word. You could at least use host. I don't see why you fuckers need to invent a whole new language just to fit your concepts, when there's plenty of words out there that fit perfectly.
What is real?
Fool!, she lives in my heart with the force.
Is your heart real?
In the same way people fall in love with characters on TV, in books and in films. It's normal since reality will never live up to those expectations and you won't ever really 'love' them the same way.
more than It should be
You think I don't know that, OP?
And even with that huge flaw, they are better than 3DPD. That really shows you how horrifying and flawed those 3DPD are.
I've always wondered why I've had a distaste for 3DPD. But then I realized it's because I'm seeing through the veil. I'm seeing the 3D mental prison erected by the jews for what it is. I realize that people are fighting and dying for this illusion. In reality there are many dimensions and that which is most important and valuable is not confined to the three dimensions foisted upon us as children. There are many spiritual and physical layers that become more perceptible once you go through the great agony of shifting away from 3D normative constructs and systems. You begin to see the old lense, the 3D lense, as an incomplete one. Because you have seen the beauty and truth that exists outside of your previous perception (that is the perception that the 3D structures and systems created by the ruling class are all that is and will be). Is it any coincidence that the easiest way to be derided and hated is to find value in ideals and perfections that exist outside the three dimensional cardboard illusion? The people bound by the 3D-Norm illusion would be consumed by despair if they acknowledged the truth. That they have been living for shadows dancing on the wall, and not for higher concepts such as beauty and moe. Never has a Samurai-led Greater World Co-Prosperity Sphere been needed more than now.
so if you get amnesia you become guilty of murder?
File: Spoiler Image (198.68 KB, 701x1000)
198.68 KB
198.68 KB JPG
>we are
>she IS
In other words: she EXCISTS! She is fucking real

And as a great husbendo, I will remove shit to meet my waifu, I will become a scientist only to find a way to open a wormhole to meet her

And then I will hold her in my arms and [no spoiler] kiss her [k]
No problem anon, i can fuck she in my dakinakamura
ya dun goof'd so hard my dick went limp
File: 1391061045333.gif (268.06 KB, 500x371)
268.06 KB
268.06 KB GIF
The fact that she isn't real is the best part about her.
File: psycho-pass_01_akane.jpg (84.50 KB, 1280x720)
84.50 KB
84.50 KB JPG
Other than that.
God speed anon, I wish you luck.
File: 1390936241418.jpg (655.65 KB, 848x1200)
655.65 KB
655.65 KB JPG
I want to be with Rei, maybe in dreams that is possible.
File: ev204b.jpg (90.69 KB, 1200x675)
90.69 KB
90.69 KB JPG

Well fuck my C, I'm very sorry
Have a picture of a girl getting hugged
File: 1382132302651.jpg (105.79 KB, 800x569)
105.79 KB
105.79 KB JPG
if she was real then I wouldn't love her at full force.

she is in a different dimension free of the horrors of this world. I'd never want her to come here.

that is true love
hearts cant get amnesia you filthy casual
File: Zerg question.gif (90.76 KB, 320x320)
90.76 KB
90.76 KB GIF
But would you want to go to her then?

Or does she live in a parallel-dimension and her world is as bad as ours? Than she would have the same horrors as we have. What then?
File: 1388794557643.gif (443.48 KB, 400x296)
443.48 KB
443.48 KB GIF
I'd never go to her, crossing dimensions I know I'd ruin everything somehow.

her world is better simply because she is smiling.

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