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was it bad
Yes it was.
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I think it all went down hill after this moment.
The entire ending was such a clusterfuck. I thought that last twist would be interesting for a second but the ending just became complete shit when it became 1st 2nd 3rd world shit with a shoe-horned happy ending.

If there was any series that didn't need a happy ending it was this one.
Yeah i agree. after spending a season and half establishing her character and all the mystery behind it, the last sentence she said to the mc and what Eye-patch demi god girl replied was perfect and it would have been the highlight of the show.She was incapable of loving someone and that made her the true villain of the story and within good reason as well. It what have made all the stupid drama and fight scenes worth it just for that moment but nope we had to have a happy ending.
Stop being edgy faggots. Space hammer was best ending.
>No love
I am disappointed.
I only read the manga, and it was a fun read. But the actual writing/plot was terrible. It fell apart so quickly.
As soon as diary holders started teaming up, you knew it was a lost cause. So after Vol.1 you knew it was shit.

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