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"Argh! I can't believe this! you are so lucky Anon!" Your friend grumbles as both of you walk to school. It was the first day of your last year as a highschooler.

"What do you mean?" You smile at him as you tease him. "How am I so lucky?"

You knew the reason why he was so jealous. You were going out with a childhood friend and the most popular girl in school. "What do I mean!?" Shin snaps at you. "Not only are you going out with Alice but you get to live with her too!?"

"Hey, it's not my fauly her parent's have to go overseas for business" You couldn't help but smile. Just the thought of you living under the same roof as Mina, your girlfriend for the past 2 years, makes you incredibly happy.

"I still hate it..." Shin sighs. "How come you get all the luck... you had the greatest two years of high school and now you are looking to have a great final third year..."

"It's okay Rico, I'm sure you'll find a girl sooner or later!" Just as those words leave your mouth, you hear her voice.

"Watch out! Watch out!" It was a girl running with toast in her mouth. Just seconds after you hear those words you felt her bump into you throwing you and her to the ground.

"Ouch... what was that..." You whisper to yourself as you stand up. You then notice her. She had short hair and had a petite build. "Are you okay?" You ask her as you help her stand up.

After she stands up she apologizes. "Sorry about that... I didn't see you there" After she glances at her watch she panics. "Ah! I'm late for school! I can't believe I'm going to be late for my first day..." That was when you noticed that she was wearing the uniform of your school.

[ ] "Are you lost? I can help you find the school if you are, I go to the same school"

[ ] "My friend here can help you, we go to the same school as you after all"
>[ ] "Are you lost? I can help you find the school if you are, I go to the same school"

People might notice this more if next time you put CYOA in the subject?
Quests belong in /tg/.

shit writing

op doesnt know how to talk to girls

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