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File: trulythestrongest.png (199.72 KB, 434x383)
199.72 KB
199.72 KB PNG
The disciplines are getting back to the front scene.
>at the bottom of the fucking sea
>front scene
File: 1371353674528.jpg (13.44 KB, 320x240)
13.44 KB
13.44 KB JPG
>that blushing whore
miu stays a bitch
>darkness' number one disciple is dark Kenichi

And it keeps on getting worse.
Just enjoy the ride, m8.
Don't let the h8 consume you.
File: embarrassing.png (133.73 KB, 334x393)
133.73 KB
133.73 KB PNG
Good, good. Let's hope their showing isn't as disappointing as the fight at the fair ground.
File: violent sex.jpg (103.57 KB, 288x547)
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103.57 KB JPG
>dat sara chan
Weird how Kisara got shipped with Judo-kun.
File: 009_01_31_2014_05_56_08.jpg (200.18 KB, 800x1258)
200.18 KB
200.18 KB JPG
What is it with Miu's porno poses in this thing?
I swear, you could shop in a guy penetrating her from the left in that bottom panel and it'd look perfectly natural.
She still is, this free groping won’t mean a thing, for all the generic plots and aspects HDSK has, it has the rare setting in which the protagonist is interested in only one girl and he pretty much shrugs off every other female who throws herself at him.
What’s up with this recently introduced rivalry with the armed and non-armed division at Yami? Their supreme leader unarmed, what’s there to discuss about?

I think the leader of the unarmed group who's fighting the elder equally is stronger than Furinji Saiga by a little bit. The rivalry between the divisions seems to be about whether weapons or hands are the better tools for fighting and killing.
File: alright.jpg (15.62 KB, 232x259)
15.62 KB
15.62 KB JPG
The unarmed Yami leaders have never seemed to like each other much, so it's not a surprise that they might not get along with the leaders of the armed division either.
File: 013_01_31_2014_05_56_08.jpg (188.01 KB, 800x1124)
188.01 KB
188.01 KB JPG
I'm enjoying all of these Freya panels.
I was wondering what purpose Okamoto was going to serve. I'm glad it's as a master to train the shinpaku alliance. No way could they have taken on all the members of Yomi as they are.
Don't think so, niggasuke was prepared while the elder didn't stock up on provisions. I think the elder is still stronger by a few inches.
>throwing a blade at alien-kun the physically unable
Dick move, Okamoto.
>implying he isn't master level when it comes to getting the fuck away from trouble
It was fair game.

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