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Hello /a/. I have watched anime randomly for 4 years, there are few shows which I enjoy greatly, but been wondering/searching for romance anime lately. Well, it doesn't actually have to be full romance anime, just having at least a bit of romance in the air. Not just the regular, but something like this

Girl is cold, tough and she appears like love is the last thing she cares about. Perfect example is Revy from Black Lagoon, while its not romance anime, there still is certain romance between Revy and Rock. Also, I like that Rock isn't a playboy, popular or something like that, I enjoy that he is just a normal, maybe little wimpy/beta. So I am looking for strong and cold female who's appear would say she cares about love at all having bit of an romance with normal or beta guy

Black Lagoon is my favorite example of this. I also enjoyed Toradora.

Sorry for quite an odd or stupid request. Tried to do lot of googling, wanted to ask here too. Also, I prefer series, not a movie, if possible

Picture is not related
Try oriemo.
Check out Kill la Kill on Crunchyroll
Thanks, i'll check them out.

Fuck you. Go kill yourself.

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