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Is it even possible that it's not gonna put us through the same shit Kimi no Rage has?
>Seo mango
>no rage

I was a fool for even considering it.
I don't know if I want to get on this ride.
Can't wait to see Suzuka's and Yamato's daughter turn into a slut.
File: 1391015068941.jpg (152.70 KB, 1383x979)
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"Other things Miyazaki doesn't like include:

The Abe Administration, the Iraq War, and the iPad, for which he compared the gestures to masturbation."
>Iraq War
I'm not even sure if I wanna try this
It's really their daughter?
>This girl who is like a summer wind possesses a mysterious power to attract people.
Seo does mary sue, I can already feel the rage.
Has princess lucia turned into rage stuff yet? I know his trademark is retarded drama twists but Princess Lucia seemed like run of the mill harem. Maybe an editor had to rein him in or something.
I bet he is going to introduce a girl 100 times better than Fuka but she will lose because MUH MAIN HEROINE.
I don't remember Suzuka having much rage worthy moments, but maybe I just don't remember it that well.
File: BfGa53ZCIAE_Ghp.jpg (46.55 KB, 480x854)
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Might be this girl, from Seo's twitter
File: BfUHrGrCUAACSc_.jpg (43.99 KB, 480x854)
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Is she wearing a nappy?
File: lucia.jpg (808 KB, 1600x1200)
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>Has princess lucia turned into rage stuff yet?
Princess Lucia doesn't take itself anywhere near seriously enough to be Rage Material.
Its bi-monthly schedule can be frustrating sometimes, and I feel Seo under-uses some characters(pic unrelated).
File: el mug.jpg (84.69 KB, 303x350)
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I might skim it out of curiosity, but I doubt I'll ever follow it properly.
Kimi Machi's soured me badly enough on Seo's work that I'd never want to read anything by him again.

I'll keep up with Princess Lucia, as I started that before I genuinely couldn't stand Kimi Machi, but that's probably the last time I'll stick with one of his works.

I had the impression that the main rage fodder in Suzuka was that people thought the title character was a huge bitch, and that the MC was a fool to keep going back to her when they thought the other girls were better.
The ending didn't seem too popular either.

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