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File: this pleases tomoko.png (25.57 KB, 231x149)
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The Watamote manga is better than the anime
This is fact
File: 1390969063090.png (343.57 KB, 378x382)
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then cant u sure the entire manga collection with us ? us fans dont know where to go after we've watched the anime and too poor for buying books
Tomomote is better than Watamote.
File: kuroneko.jpg (158.19 KB, 496x708)
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literally just fucking google 'watamote manga' you fucking retard
The manga of anything is always better than the anime

The manga burnt me out on the concept within twenty chapters. I couldn't get through the first couple of episodes.
The thing that worries me about Tomoko worshipping is that the girl is a clear piece of shit.
Like genuinely, she's a terrible person, she's not just unpopular because she's clumsy, she's unpopular also because she's childish and straight up shitty and evil.
So that makes me wonder, have people that love her pretty much given up on life?
A relationship is meant to "complete" you, or at the very least make you slightly better, have these people completely given up on being decent human beings, ever?
It's one thing to be shitty, but it's kinda scary to completely accept the fact that you're shitty and never make plans to be better, even your waifu is as shitty and childish as you, it's depressing.
yeah I hear you. people like tomoko because they can relate.

when you consider the kind of people that go on this website it isn't all that surprising.
As long as girl is both cute and virginal, /a/ will love them regardless of any other flaws. Psychopathic murderer? If she's cute and virginal, /a/ will call her waifu material. Is she literally an alien entity bent on destroying humanity? If she's cute and virginal, /a/ will insist there's nothing wrong with her. /a/ is generally shallower than the most vapid of airheaded 3DPD.
She reminds me a lot of the concept of old /b/, and the old anonymous. All sorts of different neets and socially deprived coming together and going stupid shit for the lulz. It doesn't really seem like the character knows any better. She doesn't seem to know how to show affection to people, so she just dicks around, trying to get attention.
I don't think in this specific case it's just "let's fuck anything that move", rathet it's something way more sad, like
It's because she's terrible, and terrible people relate to her so they can both be terrible and never get better.
File: 翻訳.png (333.17 KB, 621x692)
333.17 KB
333.17 KB PNG
Spoler:Too many things might have "Lost in Translation"
Tomoko thinks
「も…もしナンパとかされたらどうしよう 知らない人についていくのはさすがにまずいよな」
ナンパ:pick up http://www.thefreedictionary.com/pick+up
"5. Slang To make casual acquaintance with, usually in anticipation of sexual relations."
知らない人についていく:to go with a stranger
Quite differnt from just "asking phone number".

The guy next to her tweets
"何言ってるか わからねーと思うが 俺もわからん"
is derived from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure.
Jean Pierre Polnareff says
"な… 何を言ってるのか わからねーと思うが おれも何をされたのかわからなかった…"
(You guys think I don't know what am I talking about...You're right,I don't know what's going on at all.)
See http://www.geocities.jp/hobby_room_pearl/jump/daiamon/akamaru/-shigeharu02-jojo02.jpg
File: 1379869937457.gif (1017 KB, 480x270)
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1017 KB GIF
When's the next chapter coming out?
wouldn't know haven't watched the anime

I love both and want my S2
File: 1391115085758.png (27.21 KB, 361x355)
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27.21 KB PNG
>There will never be one.
File: 1390920934990.jpg (74.33 KB, 800x450)
74.33 KB
74.33 KB JPG
Up to which Chapter runs the anime?
File: 1391102835513.jpg (131.37 KB, 564x910)
131.37 KB
131.37 KB JPG
It's mixed. It skips some chapters from the manga and puts some in different order, but the final episode is in chapter 21, even though it contains chapters after that, IIRC.
File: 53245234.png (399.59 KB, 923x937)
399.59 KB
399.59 KB PNG
I cry errtime
well just going to read from the beginning then i guess
File: 1391111432048.png (165.91 KB, 472x600)
165.91 KB
165.91 KB PNG
That you should.
File: 1391048611677.jpg (491.36 KB, 854x1557)
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491.36 KB JPG
Page 7? Unacceptable.
File: 1390963035576.png (126.95 KB, 472x343)
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126.95 KB PNG
Why is this thread so dead?
File: 1318626627376.png (17.24 KB, 194x100)
17.24 KB
17.24 KB PNG
it's not the thread's fault
File: 1390963035576.png (126.95 KB, 472x343)
126.95 KB
126.95 KB PNG
But the thread is made by the people, and the people are poop, so in a way it's the thread's fault.

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